They should stop adding new achievements

Something i notice after every operation are the people who post about how they quit because of the addition of new achievements. Then there those who agree and others who argue that you shouldn’t play the game for achievement sake. But where i stand, both sides have valid points but what it comes down to is that they should just stop adding them because it seems to add more discourse then any form of enjoyment and let players just focus on the game. what do you guys think. please up vote this if your agree.


I think they should get rid of PvP achievements and let them remain/add for PvE.


I think just how some people are not PvP players not everyone is a PvE player. I think it goes both ways, i play both so i can see both sides.

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That is true and to be honest I didn’t think of that. I am coming from the point of view of someone who can’t compete to get most PvP achievements but I still try and it causes me to be dead weight for my team because I get side tracked with the achievement. I am sure I am not the only one who does this. I just think the focus on PvP should be teamwork, winning and good games and achievements tend to be counter productive to those goals.

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Normally, new easy achievements are welcome. It’s the harder ones that people have a problem with.

The only reason I can think of some players have problems with new easy achievements are those that moved on, and feel encouraged to get 100% again, even if don’t want to go back to Gears 5.

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PvP achievements are the biggest a-hole thing a developer can do. Yeah they need to just stop


Many Versus achievements can be done in private custom games. I think there’s only a handful that actually require players to actually play proper PVP games.

I’m not that fussed about achievements really. As long as I enjoy the game then i’ll continue to play it. If there are new achievements added then they should be new and/or creative or original ones which relate to new added content and modes (e.g.: complete Horde on an Op 4 map etc, rather than “kill X number of enemies” etc which just seem boring.

I despise any newly added achievement that requires a number of kills that isn’t at least retroactive.

The reasonable life-cycle of a game gets shorter and shorter so artificially coercing a relatively small population to stick with a dead game just to maintain their 100% completion goal with each update is petty at best.


Anyone that cares about achievements should know Gears is going to add more, the problem is they always have to add some pointless grind.