They should remade gears 5

This game is down there with judgment, i wouldnt mind if you guys remade the game from the start I can wait I just want a solid game.


It really does need a ground up rework.
TC fail to get gears to such a high level that you start to think they do get what the game is, but hate it and want to make it something else (cough rifle shooter cough).


I suggested this MONTHS ago.
Rerelease this game as Gears of WAR 5! for xbox series X


Na they need to rework it from the end of Gears 4s life and build 5 off of that

A complete ground up job is what we got with 5

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The way I see it, in their usual tc way, they took what was bad about g4 and expanded on those ideas.
G4 wall cancel cooldown - expanded into further ecouragement not to bounce. Regen modifiers, slowing down the slide, delays, etc.

G4 maps, wide open spaces, strong lancer positions, little in the way of useful cover - became more open spaces, still mising cover, more long lines of sight, lancer frigging towers, etc, etc.

G4 gnasher and it’s shooting 30+ degrees outside the barrel to get shots that ‘feel like hits’ and whatever that weird thing about choosing to shoot from the barrel or the centre of the screen in hard aim. - This became the god awful Aim Assist Suite that they have been reluctently adjusting.
OTT bullet magentism, cursor drag and all the rest of whatever they are calling it this week.

TBH it feels like they found everything I didn’t like about g4 and just went mental trying to double down on it all.

There was some good in G4, if they worked off that then yeah g5 would have been in a much better place.

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I agree, how a company that made gear UE and gears 4 was able to make such a bad gear like gears 5 I was so excited because gears 4 was not perfect but the game was really good, they just needed to work on a few things and the game is solid, like the delays and reskinned maps and things that you mentioned.

You guys are all sick in the head lol.


I’d rather play Judgment than this pile of trash that OP3 has brought upon us. I quit out of my first match EVER and left my friends hanging because this game is absolute trash. Unbelievable how bad this game is now that OP3 has been introduced.

I’d rather pleasure myself with sand paper than play this game.


Remaking the game would do nothing, they made the conscious decision to nerf the gnasher, buff the lancer and slow movement. That’s the way the series is heading.

LOL Jesus wept.

Yeah, they should have leaned into what people were liking, not delve deeper into how can we change this and that.
People seemed to like how G4 finished (GG guys, I couldn’t take it long before then) and instead of trying to shore that up and make it as solid and smooth as possible, they just jump whole hog into how can we make this different, how can we MAKE people play the game the way WE envisage.

What basically happened is they asked the community for feedback regarding the tuning and movement. Once they got that, they took all of our ideas and locked them in a vault and said to themselves this isn’t how it’s going to be.

What the community got was a game no one wanted. The casuals tend to stick to social and Arcade so there’s no reason to cater ranked tunings to those who don’t play it.


same here! and i was starting my quarantine grind at the end of op2. now i cant play it anymore.

i refuse to play this garbage pos game.


The Gnasher was NOT nerfed

Technically, it was. But for good reasoning but the Lancer shouldn’t have been buffed if the movement was nerfed.

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It received a quality of life buff and a more consistent bullet spread vs less bullet magnetism mid range + 50 less damage at mid range… How is all this a NERF!?
It is a overhaul/change and people have to get used to it

I said technically because it depends how you use the Gnasher. For some it’s a nerf for others it’s a buff. For me, it’s a buff but if someone counted on poke damage that would indeed be a nerf.

Lol, more or less just splitting hairs here. Doesn’t matter to me — I am personally tired of all these weapon changes that never fix the real issues but are used as empty promises to consistency.

This game needs to be dropped asap.

Any dev effort expended on G5 is simply a waste of time.

I’m not sure TC as is should be the ones to take Gears forward.

At it’s very best Gears 4 was only so-so, and G5 has been a joke / disgrace / abomination / insult since day one.

As it stands, I have no confidence in, and indeed no desire to play, any future TC efforts.

I pretty much agree with most of the comments on this thread.

So frigging disheartened.

Reminds me of how EPIC was. They didnt want the gnasher in the game. They wanted the game to be tactical. Remember gears 2 launch with all the delays. It took 2 games for them to finally give in. They went a bit over bored with the sawwed off but atleast they finally gave in

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