They should really release the locust or Carmine’s already

They already have the models of the locust and if they don’t have the carmine models they can easily rip it from gears of war 4 and touching up the models. (and plus they would make a lot of money aswell.)


Hot take

Carmines are too popular not to come back. The question is when. TC probably thinks we will spend more if they make us wait.

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I still hate how it costs 15 dollars just to get a legendary.

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Exactly this. I don’t expect the Carmines until early next year. And the grind to unlock them will probably be absurd to try and encourage more people to drop actual money on these beloved characters.

They’re going to bring back majority of old characters as paid stuff. I believe they’re going to tone down prices and the store over time.

Exactly, if they ripped off Marcus’ body and put Bautista’s head on it, they can easily bring back any locust/cog from older games.

I just hope they are each individual characters as opposed to skins for Clayton or the gear.

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