They should add An AFK check before a match begins

they should add An AFK check before a match begins. if not in this game for sure in the new one. seems like a big chunk of games I always see start with afk people either on my team or on the other team. lots of competitive games have afk checks right before a match starts. would minimize one more frustrating factor of the game


Forgive my ignorance, but how does an “AFK check” work?

I’m usually not touching my controller much while waiting on matchmaking.


Anything that will punish AFK players im completely fine with.


A ready check before the match?
So tick before the person begins?


yeah exactly, like in League of legends everybody has a ten second window to say click ready right before a match starts otherwise it won’t get pass the character select screen

Ah. So like ME3. Got it.

I thought a “check” was more making sure you’re putting inputs into your controller.

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honestly this isn’t bad either they should have both. like if someone’s afk for a few mins in game it should kick them out to the menu so it saves the team from getting afk killed. and when you’re back from afk just rejoin

Sometimes I’m on my phone, on the toilet, making myself a drink, lighting my cigar, etc. while waiting for a match to start.

So I don’t always pay attention, I don’t think AFK is as of ten as some say. But this should be the only case where that player has a shorter window to get kicked during a match and someone else can come in to replace them.

Or having a bot on the highest difficulty just like how they updated the Halo bots from “MARN” to “ODST”

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It was a typo, meant to write “candle” :astonished:

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I hope they’re scented.

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Like tobacco.

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If it doesn’t smell like a Vegas casino, I don’t want it.

Its amazing to me how many lobbies I’ll join where the leader is just NOT there. Its so lame…
I would create my own lobby but when I see like 6 other active lobbies I just tend to join someone else otherwise filling mines will take awhile (but I won’t go afk)

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That’s why when I host and someone joins, I quickly swap characters or classes or something to show I’m there.

Hate how many times someone joins then leaves in under 30sec. Like chill, dude. Give it a minute.

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The pain of trying to host a Horde lobby yourself. But with the inconsistency of random hosts I don’t chance it with them… even if I have to wait for a longer time. Rarely look for someone else’s and usually only do join if it’s a forum member that I know for being tolerant and/or decent. Side note, I despise people who join and instantly leave within a few seconds because you’re waiting to see if they’re gonna change anything or not.

Versus lobbies… well, that’s not my area of expertise. But I imagine AFKs are just as much of a pain there as anywhere else when they’re the host.

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I’m getting bo1 zombies vibes. You had to ready up before you started a match. Its definitely an easy feature to include.

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Or the Leader runs straight and dies but then says " i didn’t know i was leader" ??? Oh you didn’t realize you were solid gold? And the game telling you were the leader ? Lol

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Ignorance is bliss.

Only sometimes. People who are ignorant to BM are just missing out. They even get a free Boomshot package included in the deal… it just doesn’t say who gets shot in the face by it.