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They should add ALL of the G4's map into ranked, not just one

So Foundation won the poll, there’s a surprise…

Why are you adding only one map?

All of them are already in the fukcing game…Add them all in! If you want, add logic so each map voting has 2 G5 maps and 1 G4 map available…

I am so tired of seeing the same maps over and over, when I know Forge, Dam, Reclaimed, Harbor ARE N THE GAME!!

Your “people don’t want old maps” makes me think you REALLY didn’t get the complaints…
No one was complaining about maps from previous titles… We were complaining about multiple copes of the same map, just with slight cosmetic differences… You know, Harbor, Foggy Harbor, Sunny Harbor, Rainy Harbor, Snowy Harbor, etc, etc…

Please add ALL of those maps, which are already in the game, into versus rotation!


There was a poll to add in only one???



Yed, the poll was which ONE to add…

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Lol. I wasn’t aware of this.
Yeah, Foundation is EASILY the best map.


Well, personally I really like Dam, so the “best” is subjective but I think we all agree choice & variety is good…


They said the reason was that then there would be 5 Gears 4 maps and 7 Gears 5 maps. So if you go and play Gears 5 (especially for the first time), it’s like your still playing Gears 4. I actually agree with this sentiment.

Personally I want all the maps in there, but it really is a bad look on the game. E.g. all of my IRL friends who played some Gears 4 and not much of 5 would see those maps and just think it’s sad (which it is, btw).


Bruh, how can you say this with a straight face when Reclaimed exists?

They start adding g4 maps I’m officially out. No way. No freakin way.

There are no words to even describe that level of laziness. I do not want to play on a copy and paste garbage g4 map of ANY kind. And neither should any of you. How is the community accepting of this? You all should be raising absolute hell over this.

This isn’t an acceptable answer to the lack of maps or content. NO ONE and I mean NO one should be asking for those maps in rotation. TC sees this and then realizes they can get away with less Work. Don’t even dare say that it is otherwise.


I don’t agree with the first part of your logic. If someone never played Gears 4 then they wouldn’t know 4 vs 5 maps, those would all be 5 maps: so adding them in would have no negative effect. It would simply offer more choice.

And for people who have played 4 I don’t see having the option to play on the best maps of 4, in addition to some of the new ones, being a problem.

I am already sick of the 5 maps. Sure, I am one of 5 people who doesn’t go crazy about Foundation, but would love to see Dam and Forge and Reclaimed pop up in the list. How many times in a row can you play on fukcing Asylum?

We are not discussion the choice between spending tine to develop new maps or port Gears 4 maps to 5. That work was already done. They can work on new maps while we play on all of the maps available in the game, already…

That’s your opinion. I would rather play on G4 maps which I love than on G5 maps I am already bored of. That’s MY opinion.

I am currently unfriending you

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You clearly don’t understand how TC operates. I’m bored of the maps too. But asking for lazy copy and paste maps is NOT the answer. Demand more. Or else you’ll get stuck playing recycled content.

It’s lazy. You ask, you shall receive more laziness. You can’t convince me otherwise. Also your opinion is a trash opinion. You’re the reason we get stuck with this garbage. Sheeple. You know what…

We all deserve it.

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I like all the maps but out of all those maps Foundation and Harbor are my top and least would be Reclaimed

Gears 2 launched with 10 maps
Gears 3 launched with 10 maps
Gears 4 launched with 10 maps
Gears 5 launched with 7 maps
Another reason the game feels like its laking

I thought it was 3 out of 5 maps… But ye put em all in!


Gimme Gears 1 maps.


Where is River?:frowning:

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I liked asylum until every match had it…

I don’t even care about recycled content. It’s easy to add because it’s in the custom already. Just throw it in the pool and work on some new maps. If then the maps become too many, take out some old ones. But playing nothing but exhibit and asylum makes my ■■■ not very moist

Just add all the maps the game is so dead and boring TC are losing fans everyday. People still complaing of high pings that’s because no one is playing the game it’s dying so the servers put you to the closest one and that’s more than often miles and miles away in another continent. I’m complaining because I love gears but by December it’s going to be DEAD

I see your point but the new maps are straight garbage. They are all the worst ones in franchise history. I dont think laziness is the issue - its their creative direction thats the real problem.

Considering I would gladly accept a rerelease of 4 to bring its MP community back up to decent numbers, Ill gladly accept its maps.

Nah, it won’t be dead in December