They ruiner gears

I am disappointed. What is the point of playing for so long if you don’t rank and don’t opt ​​for any content. They ruined gears of war

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Do you mean to complain that you don’t get nice content for ranking up? I’d agree with you if so.

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What happened to the good ol days of playing a game for fun

Back in my day you couldn’t even save your progress.


Had to play in one sitting. Going back to Pong.

Wow jumped on the forum and the two top threads are this one and ‘why is this game garbage’

Situation normal?


Yep. Some days I just want a off topic meme thread to be top.

Where’s Shino, haven’t seen him for a long time, hope the dude is doing well.

Have seen Essence for a while too.

Hope they both are well.

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Gears tactics is the priority you now, lmfao.

Yes. Sonic the Hedgehog 1. Getting to the Scrap Brain Zone, the final one, and having the Sega freeze halfway through for no reason whatsoever. :unamused:

Good times! :joy: