They really messed up Jack, didnt they?

I played Jack a lot at launch. JD and Kait were stupidly OP, everyone else was stupidly underpowered, i engineered so much in gow4, so the only new thing was Jack. I had fun with it.

Then Heros were changed, then classes were reborn, etc, etc, so there were a lot of options to explore…

I played Jack again just yesterday and they really messed up his zapper, didnt they? There is a new delay to the stun , to the point where the enemy you are zapping shoots/hits/downs you between the time you decloak and the time the zapper stuns them!

This was not the case before. You zapped someone they got stunned instantly…

Now, i dont know if this is intentional or a side effect of whayever they did to stop the healing beam working through walls, but it made me totally not enjoy playing him. Jacks zapper used to be super clutch in cqb, now? I saw juvies jump over cover and melee down a teammate WHILE i was zapping them!

They killed the ootimizer, they killed the healing beem, they killed the zapper…

The added bleed on hijacked enemies doesnt make up for that, for me.

I really dont understand why they neutured jack so much. I dont recall people crying about the OP zapper or the OP healing beam…

That was my last time playing jack… Sad… The one interesting different character…

Ohh, well… RIP

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lol no


I have to say in all my time through all the operations as Jack, this never happened.


Opinions Ahead :

Whats weird to me is that people used Jack for the specific reason for him to heal someone through a wall for 50 waves. I dont know how anyone can have any fun playing Jack if all they’re doing is staring directly into a wall behind whoever they are healing for the entire wave, for 50 waves. People will do what they find helps them but that playstyle is just boring.

This new Offensive jack is waay better than the Jack we had before. Sacrifice and Rampage are very good cards. So good that it would be silly to not use them.

The new Tap mechanics make a forge not needed, as well. Defending a tap is way more beneficial than spending 40k on a Forge before anything else.

You can still heal you just need to be smart about it. Ive seen Jack (@GhostofDelta2 and @WarmJewel54743) clutch waves many many times when things go south. Cyclops early waves for chainsawing most of the wave without a worry of being shot. Then you take grenadiers, elite drones, mulchers and boomers. Ive seen Jack actually do hundreds of thousands of damage damage by killing bosses with a mulcher or boomer. And no. It wasnt the million damage glitch that happens.


yeah, don’t recall the zapper ever being instant as soon as you hit them.

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I do agree something has changed about the speed of enemy attacks, especially juvies swinging faster. I assumed it was a mechanic to stop instant juvie chainsawing?
But if they are engaging in melee more quickly, it would increase the likelihood of Jack getting hit after decloaking.

Aggressive Enemies, which increases the AI-speed by 25%. Jack decloaking in later waves was already risky before that change, don’t even wanna imagine how bad it is nowadays.

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Jack is pretty good once you have upgraded the right cards and know how to play.
When I needed to complete some maps on 50 waves, i used jack just to garantee not failing.

The healing beam change was probably not necessary. But in my opinion it’s best to use the healing beam only to revive people, if you just stand there healing someone you become visible potentially going down easily.

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Jack is more fun then ever, don’t hate on my boy.


I still think they should of utilized all the tools they gave Jack in the campaign into horde. That multizap would of been super fun to use too. Could of easily been a legendary card

This seems like a weird complaint. It’s a you problem not a class problem. Just play him more, my best friend kept doing this and I chuckled. No, you don’t go up to the front of a Bolter and stun. You always approach from the side or back. You stun juvies and are moving backwards as you do it, they’ll always miss their melee 100% of the time. It’s just about learning the timing and tricks of Jack.

He’s a stupidly broken class and by far the least appreciated. It’s probably because of these frankly silly ideas that “if it says support durr I have to do that.” No, you don’t. Tactician isn’t support at all, he’s a mass murdering demolitions class. Ignore what stupid category they put these things in. Nomad is more support than most of the support classes. Jack is a killing class if you have a high level build. But people don’t want to put the work in to see what that looks like.

Let me tell you what it looks like. With high level yellows (and above is totally wrong, Sacrifice isn’t a card you should have on, no room for that nonsense) and a maxed health card, you take a Mulcher scion early in the wave and you have a good chance of being last man standing. The bleed is so powerful and damage so high, you’re going to murder faster than the Ult ticks down. Boomshot scions can work just fine too, quite fun, and anyone who says it’s not a killing class is someone with fewer kills every wave and you should inform them that their class doesn’t seem in practice to be one, either. :smiley:

Because back then during Op 1 and 2, people were farming Jack cards in 1-50 runs. Instead of doing Optimiser smelting all the time, they could heal beam someone through a wall, especially Kait Infiltrator and go semi-AFK to do something else, being productive. It was a boring play style anyway, back then. And that was before the Hijack bleed card changes.

Nope, never even worked at launch. This isn’t new.

Came with the patch to generally stop repairing through walls (just generally affected the beam).

Yeah, the instant stun was never a thing, and healing through walls was definitely OP, but I do agree that they messed that up, hard.
Now, even a basic fortification can interfere with his beams and you can’t properly focus on what to attack or heal in many cases, which can lead to problems in sticky situations and even ruin the match.
My Jack’s been maxed out for a while, so I don’t play him much anymore, partly due to this, but the class still works well in combat though.