They made a change to Gabe?

What change?

He looks the same?

Anyone else actually see a difference?

His face. He seemed like a wax figure before, now it’s ok I guess.

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The things he says i find as well sounds too much like his responses in Tactics. When you move him in tactics he says something like “on it” or killing an enemy he would say “grub down” short things.he never says anything longer than just 3 words maybe

Its like they didn’t even get the voice actors to redo lines they just used stuff from tactics and its what he says and how he says it which to me sounds like im playing tactics than in a gears game :face_with_monocle:

His face still looks the same in customization. Did they actually change it or does he still look like he got a beauty-channel on YT?


Thats my point he looks exactly the same so what did they actually do

Ingame as well or just in customization?

Barely see a difference, his cheeks aren’t as red I guess

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Probably better texturing? But same here I cant tell a difference. I think I seen someone post a comparison on Twitter.

Its a subtle change, for the better I suppose. At least now he doesn’t look embarrassed to be in the game anymore, its more noticeable on a decent TV / Monitor.