They made a carmine change

Huh, they deleted the zombie carmines how sad (well you cannot craft them anymore)

I can craft them… maybe you can’t?

I dunno why it would be JUST me.

I can still craft them as well. yours must be glitched

Correction just checked I can longer craft them either…thats sucks I should have crafted them too…:cry:

Probably a glitch because it’s supposed to be permanent as far as i know.

I’m on the computer and its not showing up on here…I’ll have to check in game when I get home from work in the AM. My wife bought the zombie carmines as well as the regular ones. If they really are gone I’m going to be upset

Crafted one yesterday?

just one of them? can you still craft the other one you didn’t do?

I already had the other brotners, but I’m certain you could, try again ? :slight_smile:

I’m going to check when I get home cause its not showing up on PC.

Glad I crafted that body rot Ben while I had the chance.

Nah, they are still not craftable for me.

Just checked and yes they do seem to have disappeared/not craftable now. Very strange

That’s a Bummer