They don’t maps like they used to

Remember mansion, that rain, dark vibe, was like a horror movie. Please bring it back or make more classic like maps please


They definitely do though to me, nexus is fantastic and just feels like gears.

They still know how to throw the gritty ones out so hopefully more of the same next operation.


Hey we’ve played a few games together bro nice to meet you again

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Oh ye hah recognise your name mate ggs man

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The problem is that Gears 4 and 5 are tonally way different that Gears 1. You’ll generally see that reflected in the new maps that are more colorful and at times vibrant. Gears 1 and 2 were much more gritty and dark. Like @WHEL4N mentioned, Nexus shows that they are still capable of making dark and ominous maps. I totally agree, I’d like to see more of these. Maybe Gears 6 will have a darker theme?? (I also wouldn’t mind a Gears 2 remastered or to have the OG’s on PC)

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i think they do. bullet marsh vs pahanu?

I agree with @WHEL4N. With Nexus, they clearly have the ability to make decent maps. Let’s just hope they keep the quality up in the future releases.

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Would like to see Subway , not sure how it would play in reality to current ways, sure rooftop would be good.

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