They do not raise me in percentage

hello coalition people can you tell me why they do not raise me in percentage? If I play alone and won, they do not raise me, if I play in a team they do not raise me either but I lose and they lower me a good one and it is injustice because one tries to raise their rank but it is not possible or in which way I go up, I can not lose games because they come down from madrazo and then if they leave the same they lower me or they do not invent :frowning: I wait for your answer, they have told me to complain on Twitter but I feel that in the forums they can listen to me with your attention thanks

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There is a thread dedicated to that, so everyone can post their questions there, and be ignored in one convenient place :slight_smile:

Short answer: all the times you won, your team wasn’t outranked sufficiently by the other team for your wins to ‘count’. But when you lost, you team was outranking the other team, so you get punished for losing what you were “supposed” to win.

Your own performance, relative to other people of your rank, isn’t taken into consideration. They want you to get MVP, even when playing with people of much higher ranks…

Maybe that’s just your skill level bud. Not everyone can be a diamond.

I see you posted in the main ranking thread as well.

That is the correct discussion to get your question answered, and the original post explains how the ranking system is designed.

Closing this to keep the discussion on the primary discussion.

Thank you.