They could put up a special sale for esports characters?

When the Fazh and the Scion went on sale they were very expensive in Latin America since they cost 1500 iron, then they adjusted the price but they have not put these two characters again since Kait has already been there twice, it is fair that they do something similar As in Gears of War 4 that put the character and the skins on sale and you could choose your favorite, they should do the same for those of us who want a character that passed us and we want him again. Since you don’t repeat them, it could be a day or two, thanks


Another valid argument against the ridiculous prices of skins (and making them only temporarily available). If they make them more affordable and permanently in the store, more people can buy and enjoy them.


Sadly another good statement but it will never happen i hate being so negative but its the truth


Yes please!


I say that TC will re-release all these skins at a much cheaper price or in some sort of bundle later on in the year. Just seem like something TC will do lol

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I mean they couuuuld
But its TC and…well you know.


It’s unfair to say the least, most of the prices are based on the purchasing power of countries like the USA or those in Western Europe. It’s actually weird when you consider that there’s for example a quite dedicated fanbase in Latin America. Of course, we can’t fix the sometimes huge differences in income between countries, that unfairness will remain. But when you set € 15.- prices for just one skin you are intentionally excluding most of the world from getting it. And putting it temporarily in the Store forces people to buy it or face never seeing it again (hell, I’m still waiting for the return of that gut kicking execution for over a year now). I wouldn’t even be surprised if this Chrome Steel Scion was originally a Black Steen Scion, so it’s not as if they had to spend a lot of time designing it. These skins should cost € 5.- at most, which would be far more affordable and fair to people.

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Did they ever actually have a time during 4 that allowed you to choose a black steel character?

You would think they would have like an esports week or something to sell multiple CS skins. Bc there’s a lot people are waiting to see come back around again.

Is it safe to assume they’ll make one for each character at some point?

Chrome Steel is in a good place, it’s the only real premium skins we have in the game.

I’d say it’s another 6+ months before we see any reruns.

And they won’t be on sale

That was 2 years into the games life span in November of 18’

Well within the time frame I’ve set.

The old black steel skins were packs only, the current sets aren’t, I don’t see them marking down skins they’ve clearly set a price mark they’ve stuck with so far, and will have no reason to do so in the future.

Like I said they would, apologies that I didn’t make it more clear to you.

You’re referring to an idea that the CS skins would come back at a discount.

I’m saying they’ll comeback but won’t be at a discount.

I’ve literally spelled it out for you now so we don’t have any more confusion going down.

Furthermore, I say they won’t be discounted because they already had CS at a discount and they discontinued that rather quickly.

The idea of forcing you to buy something for a high price, because it is temporarily available. That is one of the things that went so badly wrong in Gears 4: the rng of the packs ensured that you would sometimes have to spent quite a lot of money to just get a specific skin.
I’ve tried that once, I’m kind of a UIR fanboy so tried to get the Black Steel UIR female. Figured I should get the skin within three packs, I didn’t, and I felt pushed (as a sort of gambling feeling) to keep on trying but with pack 6 I only got Black Steen Scion twice. So I paid € 60.- and ended up not with the skin I wanted but with another twice. I felt ripped off, betrayed and had the biggest buyer remorse ever. I don’t mind paying for extra content, but it should be for a fair price. I love the franchise but unfortunately it also suffers from greed and American capitalism. It’s been improving since Gears 4, but still far too slow and overpriced.

As cool as this sounds some people will most likely get pissed and crap a turbo tank out of anger alone.

They should do that and I think that TC could also do more than one of these every two weeks.

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Press X To Doubt.

Try reading instead of trying to attack someone’s mental state you know nothing about, and furthermore I’ve reiterated multiple times that they won’t come back at a discount when they’ve clearly taken away said discounts in the past regarding CS.


I agree, the male version of UIR is much better because he’s funnier than the female version. But in general I like female versions better because they’ve more realistic in shape, rather than the males which are sometimes just overly bulky. I know, it’s Gears of War. Bulky men are the standard of the game. But my preference is still to play with characters that have normal proportions.

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