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They changed the Surge

Far left path is gone. Enemies spawn in the area right outside the safe room. Haven’t looked at the rest of it.

If this is true one of my last reasons to play the game has been eliminated :frowning:

There is 1 thing TC is amazing at and that is eliminating any fun aspect of the game.


Oh no. They’ve gone to far this time! I can’t even find an emote to express my anger.


Yup. The escape exit is in the middle of the far side of the map. Far right side(previous escape exit) is walled off. On high difficulty, insane+, there are 3 scions blocking the way and the usual pouncers and such. You can’t run through anymore for the 2nd half without extreme high chance of dying. You can still use the right route to reach the far side as it’s not too infested with bullet sponge enemies…

First half, running through is still doable. Heh. But then you won’t have enough firepower for the 2nd half, forcing you to raid at least 1 of the weapon supply rooms.

“NOOOOOO people are getting through the surge too quickly, change it so it’s just slightly more obnoxious to get through!” - someone at TC probably.

The good news is if you’re still grinding for totems, it’s still possible to go through on beginner without stopping, but I just did it with lvl 12 COG Gear who has damage reduction skills and I think that helped at the end because you get swarmed by more drones than before. It might be harder to pull off with a lower level character.

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So let me gey this straight… You live to play the surge only and not even actually play it, but run through it?

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Yes, horde this time around is not fun at all for me with all of the additional limitations TC placed on it, and I’m not really any good at versus. Escape was only bearable to be because of The Surge. It reminded me of Act 3 in the original Gears of War where you could roadie run through an entire chapter on Insane. Those were the good times.

Did they have to change weapons in the room too? Screw the boom and retro wheres my Embar lol so much for having an easy map to grind Macs headshots (granted still got boltok i know, but boltok embar was such a nice combo) should have finished that when I had the chance lol

Of all the things to fix and patch they decide on updating a map people actually play to have less players play the game? #Makesense


LOL isn’t the point of escape to be able to speed run?


It was apparently inspired by speedruns… but besides the Venom Run hive on Insane and upwards where the venom is nearly as fast as you can run, it’s not actually intended to be played as a speedrun.

Get hype is usually my go to for all forms of expression in this game