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They change maps to prevent legit speed runs now? Wow

The Surge was a legitimate way to play a speed run for good XP and they change the map layout to prevent people from running threw it? Anything to get people to buy boosts eh? lol


There are other maps you can legit speed runs… Surge however is the only one you can clear under 2 mins (real time investment, not score board) regardless of difficulty…

Not really… I was going to buy boost because of the legit speed run on surge. Now I’m not spending one cent on any of it.

There are still viable speedruns, they don’t offer as much XP as the surge did, but it is a kick in the unmentionables.

Venom Run is probably the best one now. And whilst the next suggestion isn’t particularly fast, The Hive on Inconceivable is quite easy, and can net you a lot of XP.

Reminds me of Horde speedruns from Gears 4 in a way.

I was 100% positive that The Surge was going to get stealth nerfed. I should have found a way to put money on it.

You can always be certain TC will do whatever they can to nerf anything that allows players to quickly bypass an aspect of their monetization. And they always hope most people won’t notice.


I was still able to run through it without killing anything last night. What more do you want? Should next week’s hive just be a straight line with no enemies so you can pretend you’re Vin Diesel hitting the NoS and speed run the crap out of it? Just make it in the editor if that’s what you want.

Again, this place will complain about anything.


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On the rare occasion TC does work, they first ask themselves “What are people enjoying in our game?”. Followed closely by “How can we prevent people from enjoying our game?”.


I will do my last 3 re-ups and still have to beat the gauntlet. And then… I don’t care about Gears anymore.

the surge was fun. Now the layout is so stupid

Very true indeed.

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The Clock is not bade i have 3 master runs on it. With the reject spawn even easier and use the 2 flash bangs when you make the cut for the door.

It can get ruff on the heilo pad, but if you work the rejects in a continues circle with Lahni and Kat should be fine.

So what exactly did they change? No Flashbangs?

Such a shame. I feel TC are just messing about. I read on a forum (possibly this one) there will be 50 re-ups. At re-up 19 it’s like 18k per level.

Gears 2 wings was a grind but good, gears 4 was okay. With Gears 5 just seems they doing for sake of it without it being fun and horde offers little XP.

Soon as I get Seriously 5, will start playing more fun games.

Not played it yet but heard added new enemy spawns and even a wall blocking first left section off.

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Sheeeeeiiiiit. Took me and my friend about 2hours of repeat trial and failure to get through The Hive on inconceivable last night.

Just take note that Seriously 5.0 is a multi-part achievement which they will likely drag out over the life of the game.

Re-up 19 was 13,000 XP per Level.