They actually listened to something

PvP the scorcher ammo has been reduced. Was way too powerful about time.

They should’ve reduced active cool down time
Would encourage you to keep pushing seeing as they reduced the ammo

They listened,.but they won’t tell you they’re listening.

Just Change Things quietly, maybe something change without Anyone Actually Noticed.

bugs me that a power weapon to counter the gnasher was nerfed. Keep on pandering the this one weapon series, when has change ever been good, right?


I dno I was asking for this too much power in PvP you can take out a whole team twice.

It’s just bizarre to me…People actively avoid the scorcher as a pickup weapon until someone picks it up and suddenly that guy is the spawn of satan (pun not intended)


Yeah it’s a bit frowned upon I like using it I’m hoping it’ll be more balanced now because before it was literally whoever gets it will control the zone

This is just about the most accurate thing ive ever read on ay subject.


It’s almost as bad when the other team starts complaining about us lancering then swaps to complaining about their team not lancering lol


What’s even better is that changelog is slightly wrong!

The clip size has been reduced to 30 and the total size is now 60 :smiley: