These weapons are stinking up pvp

Buzzkill , Enforcer, Cryo canon, overkill, salvo, breaker mace, nerf these or remove it. Those weapons are busted imo. I can’t be the only one thinking this. Those guns are great and fun in pve but pvp it sucks.

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Disagree, they are power weapons and they function as such.


I get that but it feels insanely busted imo. Maybe with the movement and gnasher tuning that’s coming it won’t be so bad but rn it sucks imo. I’m trying not to just think about myself that’s why I said they should maybe nerf.

Im going to assume you use the gnasher most of the time, so I see why you think these weapons are broken, once you get some range between you and the enemy the breaker, enforcer, overkill, and cryo become near useless.

I personally think these weapons are fine but thats probably because im a lancer “noob” as people would say on these forums.


Lol bro you guessed it & dude I think it’s because I feel those weapons are just noob friendly. the overkill spawns back way to fast btw. I miss the simple days man. Pick ups was legit. T bow, boom, snipe, nades (might be missing some) but it felt like you had a chance to make something happen. I swear not having to worry about those crappy weapons was a big reason why classic execution event went so well.

Deciding which pick up weapons to have in MP is one of TC’s weaknesses. There’s no fun factor. We do not need an smg (enforcer). I think in gears judgement, (for crying out loud), the developers did a better job at deciding what weapons to include in the game. Whatever happened to the breechshot or the booshka?

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I agree man. Booshka (ba booshka as I used to say lol) and breecheshot was legit! Wooo baby I miss those.

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No. No more damn nerfs. The guns are weak as it is!

Overkill is op, cryo can be avoided, enforcer is not a problem because no one uses it.

Dont touch my overkill!!!


Enforcer and Cryo cannon should be removed and replaced by other power weapons, literally no one uses it.

I don’t know what to feel about the ‘Talon’ pistol.

pfff, if you want to play gnashers only make your own lobby,

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Basically not a fan any weapons introduced in gears 4 or 5. sorry TC


Did I say I wanted gnashers only ?

Let’s see
Buzzkill… eats up people on cover and makes it hard to approach someone using it due to the bounce of the saws.

Endorcer: counters gnasher. No real use outside of that specific range where it barely outshines a solo gnasher.

Cryo cannon: yknow I kinda share the sentiment. It feels like a poor man’s flamethrower. But it’s effective range is literally gnasher range. And it arguably doesn’t even do that well there.

Overkill: well that’s a tougher one. It’s a pretty crazy weapon to corner camp with and requires a lot of work to take down. In fact anyone with a solid piece of cover would be pretty hard to disentrench if they had this… kind of like the gnasher.

Salvo: while I do understand the frustration of its ability to hit around cover… it’s a weapon you either have to whittle down from afar with a teammate or just stay out of range of so that you can avoid the line of fire. Running at a salvo is the easiest kill they could ask for. Usually one runs at a salvo with… a gnasher.

Breaker mace: while I feel for the overhead range being a smidge too far… it is a power weapon that does one thing! Counters. The. Gnasher. You would not believe how many greedy mace users I’ve tricked into following me over cover and getting sawed on the other side. Yes! A saw! The forbidden technique! And one that puts the mace user in check.

Look my friend. I think a lot of these weapons are really fine how they are. They add a diversity to the game that trumps the overwhelming gnasher meta. In fact I feel that all of these do exactly that, and people who run head first into them thinking that wall bouncing around is going to get them out of dealing with them need to take a literal step back and pepper them with a few lancer shots.

Fighting for these weapons is supposed to be rewarding and it’s supposed to convey an advantage. If you have an enforcer downing you with a shotgun in your hands, then maybe just maybe stop hitting left on the D pad every time you spawn.

I take particular note of the buzzkill here. That weapon went silently underutilized in 4 and suddenly in 5 we think it’s an issue? The issue I think is that people are daring to dream with it, and the concept of knowing what’s behind your cover and what in front of you is foreign to lots of folks.


wow, you know what. you are actually correct.

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In all honesty, I think a lot of complaints about Gears tuning, ever since I first got on the forums in Gears 2, has revolved around the idea of “it beats out my gnasher”. Which is kind of the point. The gnasher is the all-around, hands down best, most useful weapon in the game, and the rest of the weapon choices essentially play counter to that.

Gears 5’s overall weapon balance, IMO, is better than it was in Gears 3 when they relied on stopping power to balance out gnasher rushers. There’s no weapon that I don’t feel confident taking out by simply flanking or staying back and lancering/snubbing to death with the rest of my team.

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makes sense tbh and i understand.

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Yknow I sense a smidgen of sarcasm in your response but maybe that’s just me. If you’re willing to play ball I am too!

There’s some merit to the weaponry you listed (primarily I feel the overkill! But would it be so effective if there wasn’t as much high cover to corner camp?) and I’ve had my share of frustrations facing them. But I find it strange how I almost never seem to really call shenaningans on an open field boomshot death. They got boom. They get two shots and man it’s not exactly tough to kill someone with it (unless it magically doesn’t kill. You know the times…)

As for the other weapons. Try playing coop vs AI. Grab one of these guns and try to wreck shop like you would in multiplayer. Odds are the moment you pop out of cover you’re going to feel the pressure of getting down before you can even aim. Now I get it. The vs AI is stupid and just auto aims to you and hits every shot, but it will very quickly let you see how reliant people are on the fact that everyone runs around with their shotguns out.

I’ve put the time into gears and learned the shotgun game. Despite my disdain for its near universal use: I still pull it out in a close quarters fight. I understand the disdain for something you have put a lot of time into… but just because it does it’s job to counter your years of wall bouncing doesn’t mean it’s overpowered or ruining the game. Skill in wall bouncing should not be a requirement to enjoy the game. Let players find their own niche and then: fight for the right to use it every round be it brute force, elegant bouncing or crafty tactics.

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no sarcasm lol he has really convinced me.