These Versus Achievements are ridiculous

•Deal 100,000,000 damage in Versus

•Kill 100,000 enemies in Versus

•Get 50,000 assists in Versus

Why not just go all in and make them a billion damage, a million kills and a million assists?

I don’t see how these are achievable for the average gamer without having to boost these stats somehow.

Edit: SUS. Verses, curses, hammerburstSUS.


What do you mean? The old Community manager said they would take 2 weeks max if you play a little bit of KotH here and there. Surely someone representing the game would know what he’s talking about, right?


I’ve never understood why people try to get achievements in the first place


Could u get these in custom online then host private lobbies I guess

If achievements exists them people will go after them, Nothing more to understand.


Achievement Hunters
Thrill of the Hunt
Reaching a Goal
Oddly Satisfying
100% Completion/Completionist

That’s just how people play the game. Not everyone will look at Gears of War from the same perspective.


I’ve had way too much troubles with gears of war as an achievement hunter. Me and many others have judgment/pop/the limited time weapon skins taking so long to be fixed and other achievements they’ve had to fix or need… most of the achievement hunting community used to love gears but we’re all done with the franchise after this because of it. Not a big deal just another 10% player base lost if anything.


Kind of nice to hear this point of view from an achievement hunter for Gears of War. Sad that TC is even ripping players from such a niche category away with their management.

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Maybe you can get lucky and have a couple of stalemates in TDM.

As an achievement hunter… Yeah, these really sucked the last bit of fun out of Gears 5 for me. These are just overly grindy achievements for the sake of artificially inflating the player population, in my opinion


With the release of the new Scoreboard, you can tell they don’t really care about the game that much anymore. They just did it hopefully to keep people going back to play over and over again, instead of designing a proper Ranked system, or in this case, proper achievements.

It’s just laziness at this point tbh.

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Every now and then a thread like this pops up and I just have to jump in and say 100% agree.

I think Shauny said that it had been noted but that there were no promises at the start of Op7. I can’t find the thread though.

I know the classic argument against is either:

  1. Don’t go for them
  2. They aren’t participation medals

But my answer to those are:

  1. Some people (myself included) have an insane itch in their mind about not “finishing” something. Especially when numbers come into it. If you don’t have this weird chemical reaction in your brain then frankly I’m jealous.
  2. No they aren’t. But also, most people who have 1910 gamerscore on this game which is everything but these achievements spent at least 500 hours on the game. Minimum!

Also, as I’ve said on many other threads, TC designs achievements that result in players coming up with all sorts of ingenious ideas of how to “not play the game” to get them. Which means, as far as I’m concerned they didn’t design the achievements very well. So let’s all jump into some custom lobbies against a load of afk controllers and “achieve” them shall we?


Because some people feel the need to validate their gaming experience with numbers next to their username. Basically grind-culture. I’d refer to the good old days of gaming, but young pups like you wouldn’t understand what I’m going on about. :yum:

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Fine! I’ll say it!

Versus! SUS!

Anyway, it doesn’t bother me about these long achievements. They’ll just come naturally when you’re having fun playing the game…oh…well, there’s a point.


Get good

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Why bother with like 10G for 500+ hours when you can get 3000G in less than 1 hour.

I agree. I’ve done every other achievement without having to glitch/grind/exploit.

I play a fair amount of verSUS and im only about 30% or towards the 100k kills.

22% for damage and 17% for assists.

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If you play this game enough to get the versus achievements naturally, you’ll have no time to do the PvE achievements. It’s an awful design on their part. Grinds like this need to be achievable through all means of gameplay.


because the average player isn’t meant to be able to earn it without putting in some Serious 5.2 dedication.

Damage is doable in a couple of hours in private match boosting.

D-Dana, is that you?

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