These suspensions are getting out of hand!

I really don’t understand these suspensions. most of the time when I get a suspension its due to the game lagging me out or kicking me out for no reason. no as for what’s going on today, I will admit that I am not running the god of all PCs but my pc can run gears pretty decent when I drop my settings. that being said, I do have moments where my pc cant keep up and it may crash the game from time to time. today alone though, the game crashed twice and I’m not sure why. I wasn’t lagging, things didn’t get choppy. I was playing fine and then it just shuts down. after I reboot the game it gives me the option to join the last game but it NEVER connects. if I try to play something else like I social, I get the IBIRI error again and I’m pretty sure that’s why I cant join the last game. so if I’m getting penalized for leaving ( which I understand) it should only be a valid penalty if I don’t join back, correct? . But I’m not even given a chance to do that. the worst part Is that most of the time when this happens, its NOT MY FAULT. the game just shuts down, or I simply get lagged out for what ever reason. the game just shoots that code at me and doesn’t let me connect to the servers . this obviously eventually goes away and that pretty much sounds like a suspension to me. but again, I’m not even given the chance to correct the situation? I don’t get it what’s the point of even giving me the option to rejoin? I this really needs to get fixed


do you have the old drivers? (from june 2017 -.-) because if I try to update my drivers to current ones then it will crash even with a PC that should have no problems running this game. Is that what is happening to you?

“My pc can’t keep up and I lag out sometimes, it’s not my fault I lag out.”
Man gears forums is always good for a laugh

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