These prices are too expensive for skins

I think these prices for characters and weaopon skins are ridiculous. They are like a quarter of the price when gears 4 was released. How is this justified after 2 years and the game dying losing its player population?

Going forward for gears 5 they should resort to gears 3 in terms of unlocking characters and skins by doing challenges .
Also the gears 3 season pass where you get multiple content , story add-ons, skins and actual NEW MAPS. Not rehashes of the same map with some different lighting that’s real poor laziness and cheating the fan base in my opinion

I think you should only be allowed to by weapon skins and the prices they had on gears 3 which was like a couple of quid or dollars and not nearly £10 or 10$ As they are priced at now . If they resort to the same system now I can see gears 5 getting boring real quick .

I’m hoping gears 5 they take there time and make it a solid triple a rated game . Delay it if you have too . I wanna be blown away with the story , with amazing graphics and atmosphere . A newer horde system , a beast mode and something totally new . Also a soils mp with challenges to work for to make the grind enjoyable.
Thank you for taking the time to read this , cheers


I think the justiifcation of the price tag is due to no RNG as your are you guaranteered to get the weapon skin set and characters.

There is also a credit option now for the lambent packs for those that do not wish to spend money.


Ok so grind for credits


TC is moving in the right direction imo. prices maybe a little high, but being able to purchase what you want is an awsome edition to the game. no one is forcing you to buy anything. grind for credits and lets leave this topic alone.


How can you defend the extortion? Why do we the consumers have to get penalised and pay more to remove this gambling system.


If you read my post carefully, i didnt say I agree with it. I prefer the unlock system which according to TC had intially planned to do along with the Gear Pack system but had no time.

I feel this system is here for the long run unfortunately, I’m sure MS bought the franchise at a cost for TC. They would have to met revenue targets for the investors or whatever.


im trying to follow you here okay, i having a really hard time knowing that there is a free option available.

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Yes I know there is , I’m stating my opinion that the prices are ridiculously expensive for what you get !!!


called it people will literally ALWAYS complain even though TC came through last minute with the credit packs
i’m 100% positive if TC gave every skin away for free people would still complain at this point


Then simply buy via credits. TC will after all still need to make a profit at the end of the day. they cant give the characters away for 1.99 when the character artists put in all that effort to make it make it look awesome.

If your an artist and put their blood, sweat and tears for an art that being sold for the public, would you want that work sold at a low price?

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a lot of people see the skins as a simple copy/paste and they dont understand that the lambent drone more than likely had to have it’s model made from scratch and the details in the other 2 skins still had to be put in i think 9.99 is fine as a character price by default because that’s how much a mega pack is and this format doesnt even have RNG so people dont have to make threads about “i spent 150$ on mega packs and didnt get the skin i wanted” anymore
this is a HUGE step forward and the fact some people fail to recognize it is kinda sad


I dunno why they don’t at least make the ones that you pay for with real money be some sort of special variant instead of just being sold for real money for the sake of it

In Gears 3, it was only for Lancer, Hammerburst, Retro, Gnasher and Sawed Off Full Skin Set.
In Gears 5, it’s 14 Weapons Skins.
That’s like twice or three times as much, and they were animated.

people really like to only focus on the positives of gears 3 without ever bringing up the negatives for some reason 3$ for 5 skins and 5$ if it was animated i think whereas now it’s 8$ for 14 animated skins

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It IS expensive. So we use rng as alternative.

Anyway, if nobody complains, companies just do what they want. Lambent packs are example.

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i’m not saying complaining in wrong but complaining at this point is stupid since TC has given us the buy what we want feature along WITH a free credit option, if you dont want to buy the skins then you dont have to. you can just grind for credits

the buy what you want feature isnt to outright buy all the skins imo it’s for when you spend credits and you dont feel like chasing down that last skin so you just fork over 10$ which is the normal cost of a mega pack BUT without having to worry about if you’re going to get the character you’re missing or not


Yes, you can grind. Tell that to a vs player.

But pay after you’ve spent a lotta credits? For me it is just double spending.

You should see prices they practice here…

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yes pay after you spend a lot of credits thats what the system is there for if you dont like it then you dont have to spend money it’s that simple TC cant go around giving things out for free

if thats the case you should be working for free and your job should only pay you in the necessary amount of food per “paycheck” the kind of things you’re complaining about make no sense at this point “i dont like that Tc is giving us a free option and a paid option to get characters”

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Hum… Can’t?

Interesting, I don’t recall paying anything on updates for GTAV.