These Kinds of Details

So, recently I finally found out how to make my Gears 2 work again. Been playing through it again for the Nostalgia and chills that I haven’t felt since 2010. Along with the constant bugs and wicked awesome AI.

But, I also noticed a bunch of small details, that I’ve noticed more and more in Gears 2/3, but didn’t see in Gears 4. The small environment details that let you take advantage of the environment, MKX Style.

Things like this get you to play differently. Not a single game other than Gears 2/3 can I name where if I see an explosive barrel next to a loose pillar, do i think that I can shoot the barrel, in order to collapse the pillar and give me more cover. Other than the barrel just being used to kill enemies.

Gears 4 Has almost none of this. It has barrels only in the Pendulum Wars flashback as far as i can tell. And The only non-scripted environment change I remember was the collapsing balcony in the same Pendulum Wars mission. but it feels like that’s just there for cinematic purposes.

The only other environment things I can think of in Gears 4 were the Pods, but–those are obvious. I want things in gears 5 that aren’t obvious. That blend in, and make me search for an alternate way around. Without the characters holding my hands either.

When I played Darksiders 2, I got stuck on the same mission for a month because I refused to look up a walkthrough. The player didn’t walk my hand through it, and only after I Did look it up, I realized I was an idiot and the wall I thought looked nice was the door I needed to go through.

Basically, I’d much rather have to look for the way across, rather than it just be given to me, or shown with a Star in a Circle floating above where I have to go. Along with giving me ways to take advantage of my environment. Map designs like in Dishonored, Wolfenstein and DOOM (2016) would be perfect for Gears.

Any thoughts?

Buster Out!


I know what you mean, more environmental hazards but in VS maps like Tyro Station on Gears 1, chooo chooo (or whatever sound a train at high speed makes instants before crushing you), I always loved that one.

As for your Dark Siders 2 reference, I’m sorry to tell you but that kind of thing won’t happen in Gears 5, Darksiders is an RPG, meant for you to search your way with items & puzzles while Gears is more like “blocked door ahead? Blast it!!!” :slight_smile:

Hopefully they can make the Campaign interesting enough to keep everyone happy.

Yeah Ik. Sadly, but that’s why I hope Gears 5 is less linear than the past, and takes a Dishonored/Wolfenstein route. With small map changes, but enough to fit each player’s playstyle.

Everytime I see someone mention DooM I get a big ■■■■-eating grin on my face. I hope GoW5 come first or else DooM Eternal is my purchase for that year.

Doom is great and pays great homage to the past titles.

But it’s very very linear.

I still find myself playing it from time to time.

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But it’s not COD linear. I still got lost on the reboot’s levels. They’re still sprawling and full of secrets. Some of the later levels were linear though.

You talking about the classic levels?

If so I didn’t. It was like playing back in 1995 for me but with better movement and weapons. Lol

Still very linear but I understand what you mean about COD linear but the campaign of DooM 2016 is down right amazing.

I liked in The Road to Ruin in Gears2 you could sneak through or go guns blazing for a different experience.


I don’t remember if any permanently changed the environment, but there were also different things to shoot during the windflare sections.

And the bot section leaving the settlement. You could drop the stuff held from the crane on the bots.

they had a lot of the windflair parts in which you shoot at crates which resulted killing enemies other than that and the pods there wasn’t much of it.

Or on lift you could drop the fuel tank hanging from the crane.