These forums are straight boring right now. Bring back BURNT REYNOLDZZ

TC Its time to bring back forum champion Burnt Reynoldzz. This guy made me laugh on a daily basis. He made a joke about the shooting at the Madden tourney and he gets a life time ban ? Banned for life just because it was “too soon”. Since when is a bad joke worth a life time exile? TC Octus didnt like him because Burnt bodied him then bagged him on a live stream. Then he used Burnts “questionable” sense of humor for a lifetime ban. This needs 2 be looked into by the higher ups. After playing gears 2 at launch as CantStopThizz and years later transforming into the legend Burnt Reynoldzz he has remained a TRUE FAN even through this injustice. Thanks 4 your time.

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Never heard of him

The real forum champ is @TC_Clown

I’m a truer fan than him.

I started playing in 2007. Get owned.


That’s always gonna be @TheurgicSleet69

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Never read his comments.

You’re a top 3 forum member too :wink:

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Burnt used to play with TC clown when he used to play alot. Hes been forum banned for 2 years thats why u havent read his comments… U just got here.

I did say I never heard of him :sunglasses:

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Why would you joke about a shooting and bag the developer? Dunno this burnt guy but from what I’m reading he’s lacking in the self-preservation department.


LadyWinterstorm obviously :sunglasses:

You bully me too much :pensive:


No :pensive:


Putting words into my mouth :pensive:

How original :triumph:

Most “lifetime” bans, if not all, are forgotten when the forums are updated. Lots of people banned in 4 are on the 5 forums.

I remember him. I’m sure he will be allowed on the Gears 6 forums when these are deleted.

Of course :blush:

That’s not the answer I was expecting :upside_down_face:

What were you

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A sorry :pensive:

Or a $25 Amazon giftcard.

What are you going to buy with that