These 400c RAAM PACKS will drain your credits like a thirsty leech(UPDATED)

(Burnt ReynOLDzz) #1

These. 400c Raam packs with 2 gold cards and 5 purple cards will burn through your credits just in time to leave you broke right before the new pack coming. Remember the recruit pack. All of sudden we cant get a 2 character 2000c pack right? Ithink i smell smoke… oh its my credits…you got burned son … 70 packs= 4 sraak 4 Raam 2 lancers 2 shotgun 5 enforcers 6 pistols 1 hammerburst. had everthing at 65 packs. Those yellows were dropping at 10:01 am.

(Royce Batty) #2

And? Got anything else you use them on?

(GreatWhiteShark) #3

I was wondering the same thing. How convenient it is that they’re suddenly having ‘issues’ with the 2000cr packs and will only be dropping the 400cr packs, I have 20k credits and still, I honestly expect to get nothing from 50+ packs. 🤷

(mendigo2005) #4

400cr packs are more likely to give you a specific card.

That’s RNG anyways, you can get all good cards to drop early. Or not.

(Fabio Iz B3AST) #5

For me the 400cr pack is way better than the 2000cr it gives me more scrap anyway. Also we havent had much packs to open anyway so people must have much credits to spare… If not these people probably dont play much anyway

(GreatWhiteShark) #6

Ive always had more luck getting a specific card from the 2000cr packs, but that’s probably just me. I do agree that the 400cr packs are better scrap-wise. Ive actually bein waitin for Rise of the Raam packs to drop because I love the skins. Oh well, we’ll see how this one goes, and how much for me to complete the set.

(DeathScythe M01) #7

Good luck tomorrow everybody on those cool packs.

(Mayhem64) #8

Note: We discovered a last minute issue with the planned 2000 Credit option version of this Gear Pack. Due to this issue, the 2000 Credit 5 Card Gear Pack will not be available at the launch of the Rise of RAAM content for Credits. We are working on getting this issue resolved for the next appearance of the Gear Pack in order to provide two options for players.

Yes, the problem was that it was giving players a character card in every pack :wink:

Seriously though, according to TC, the chances of getting a character in a 2000CR pack is five times that of a 400CR pack, so the chances of the characters are apparently roughly the same. You obviously get more “other” cards in the 400CR packs.

(mendigo2005) #9

Not only scrap, statistically they should give you a better drop rate. Slightly.

I’ll try my luck on them. That comic lancer seemed real nice.


Got 11 K credits (I know, not a lot compared to some) which I’m excited to blow on
RAAM packs tomorrow! Who cares if I get drained, they’re just credits. They’re not real money and I’ll gain plenty more from playing my favourite game which I’d be doing anyway! *Coletrain Whoo!

(Slipping Flames) #11

For once, I agree. TC is doing the 400 CR packs to make it a duplicate frenzy weekend. Enjoy scrapping all those 5 scrap emblem duplicates!

Once I get Shrak, I’m done. Comic skins aren’t all that impressive. Got most anyhow from the mega pack included in the comic. If I hadn’t gotten Raam instead, I wouldn’t purchase a single pack.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #12

I hate 400cr packs. Such a waste of time (for me) opening all those packs. I prefer the 2000cr for getting the good stuff quicker.
With such a drought of good content, I’ve had over 110,000 cr for over 6 months, and I barely play anymore. If I was CR starved, I might like the cheaper packs.

(Mosher666) #13

I’d happily blow 50k on these packs if need be, still leaves me with 300k for the rumoured lambent packs

(Mosher666) #14

8hrs to go then we can blow our credits

(x Darko74 x) #15

Do the 400cr packs only have 3 cards in though instead of the 2000cr 5 cards? And is the Lambent pack expected soon?

(Major Schaefer) #16

I’m torn with this one -
The only vs I play is against AI to use up my bounties and get my first-win-of-the-day, so the Swarm / Locust characters are pretty much wasted on me.
Having said that though, to date I haven’t missed any of the packs, but I’m a completionist nightmare and I hate to miss ANY of the skins - weapons included.
I’ve only got 18k credits and don’t accrue them very fast any more, but I’ve got almost no scrap whatsoever either.
I might try to restrict myself to 10k worth of packs (credits not £s :smile:) but once I’ve started I’ll end up blowing everything I’ve got chasing the pesky Snub or Enforcer if my history repeats…

(Horde Legend) #17

I’ve got 650k…I’ll be good

(Slipping Flames) #18

I’ve seen 120k worth disappear before without a particular character dropping. I stopped. You might be good, but with RNG…

(Horde Legend) #19

Honestly man, I don’t care anymore…I’ve passed on a lot of packs because I didn’t want them…If it takes me 200k oh well…I honestly won’t use either character much because I don’t play VS…not even sure why I am bothering with these packs too

(Slipping Flames) #20

I think having a new character never before seen in a Gears game is cool. I also would like to have whatever Lambent pack comes next. After that, I can’t imagine anything else coming that would bother me to miss. Doesn’t appear any Judgment specific characters are coming, so that rules out Alex Brand. I’ve wondered if I should let my credits dwindle or keep than around the same amount.