Theron Intro Bug (Xbox One)

During the mission where the Theron is first introduced, the game freezes after his cutscene.

The first time it full-on crashed and closed my game out, but I was able to get a turn or two in beforehand.
But, all the following times it freezes right after the scene when it’s the enemy turn.
The camera stays zoomed on a spot where no one is standing and the other characters are just kinda standing around idly.

I’ve tried to both reload the checkpoint and restart the game, but that doesn’t work either. Just made this to bring awareness to the bug, I guess.

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There’s a few issues with the Theron I noticed to add to this, upon encountering a theron his armor is elite black, but when killed it changes colour to the normal red theron armor…

Also not necessarily a bug, but woundering why none of the therons never wear helmets :man_shrugging:

I’m having the exact same issue. Cant move forward with the game because of this Theron bug. A big bummer, really enjoyed the game so far.

Oh, yeah. So, an update:

A bout two or three days ago, I gave in and just restarted that whole mission. Made it back to that back part & it froze AGAIN, so I tried reloading the checkpoint for just that cutscene & finally it started working again.

So yeah, really annoying bug. I dunno if repeating that same process will yield the same results for you, but it’s worth a shot, I guess.

Just ran into this. Any idea what causes it or how to avoid triggering it if I restart/reload?

I reloaded and it seems to not trigger as long you keep the Theron on screen when he spawns.