Theron Guard and Boomer Balance in Insane Difficulty and Vs Gears Main Games

After playing this game on Insane i must say that both of these units contribute to this game being very RNG instead of Strategic making it almost impossible to play Ironman on this difficulty, it starts with the fact that on Insane your units are killed right away instead of being downed so lets analyze a little bit those 2 units, comparing them with their Gears of War main series and how they are in Gears Tactics.

Theron Guard:
Can make your unit vulnerable even when he is far away without the unit being in his line of sight.
He is very accurate on his Torque Bow shots and can deal with pretty much every type of cover without needing to have a full sight of your character while flanking, Torque bow in this game works very differently from Torque Bow in Gears main series, here the arrow dont need to stick to the target for it be 1 shot, here it explodes conveniently and dont stick to target.
The biggest problem of that behaviour is when he is targetting your full covered target as he aims to his side and explodes right near him instead of moving all the way down past him, Torque Bow shots should be a guaranteed kill when he is flanking you, but less accurate when youre in half cover, and almost impossible to hit when youre in full cover unless the angle permits him to target some bodypart of your character.

Boomer in this game are vastly superior to the Main Games as he aims much better, and can deal very accurate shots by lobbing the Shot over fullcover and halfcover, and having an big effective range, 1 shotting you in a multitude of ways when youre not really that much closer to him, making almost impossible to survive his turn if he is close to you, Main Series boomer couldnt lob the Shot that high and had an limited effective usage.

Hope that is enough to understand my message.

Ps: This game is fun and i wish we can have a sequel with a few improvements.

Personally because of the fact that every unit dies in one shot, removing a core mechanic of the game (downing) was just a bad idea and makes for lots of fun sitting at the loading screen to reload checkpoints.

I agree. As if it wasn’t bad enough the theron guards seemingly hits a lot of shots that would normally be improbable as is, even a miss could be a game over. I myself don’t see much point in comparing it to the main series, as it is a different genre of game, but typically in a tactics game properly utilizing cover along with some caution approaching an enemy would severely reduce the odds of a unit being one-shotted.

I however disagree with a point on Boomers, even on lower difficulty it can be very hard to escape a boomer up close due to his shell shock basically never letting you run from his next attack. Point is, never get close to a Boomer unless you’re a scout ready to double shot him into oblivion. However, they’re far too accurate from afar I feel. When you’re having to deal with 2 boomers at once it can end up being a nightmare where one knocks you out of cover (negating your cover damage reduction) and the other finishes you off all while being 40-50m away. Don’t get me started on the two side missions near the end of the game. A supply point mission where it drops 4 boomers in the span of 2 turns and a rescue mission that drops 3 boomers right at the end near the extraction.

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I just feel like that characters should down even on Insane and I wouldn’t be so upset. I doubt they’re going to change this though. It’s going to be a long time until I finish this game on Insane.