There's theoretically two places where you can initiate a RE-UP but .

Ya ya, I know, I should report the bug.

Took me a second to realize what you were pointing out there, but yeah… that’s janky!


Have you tried it? Which one does it prioritise?

So many questions.

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It will do the re roll. Trust me, I made this mistake twice and now I have an odd number of iron now.


Ouch. Maybe I’m a paranoid person, but sometimes I think these things are done on purpose, actually. Lots of big name company websites are guilty of this. They’re called “dark patterns”. They can be explained away as minor bugs, meanwhile, they silently draw in small amounts at a time from individuals who can’t be bothered to complain about since the amounts are so small to them. Those small amounts spread out over thousands of people eventually add up to big bucks though.

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