There's still map rotation problems

Any news when this will be getting addressed??

Last 3-4 days, Ive noticed that while playing guardian it seems to be the same maps coming up.
Reclaimed, harbour, forge, asylum, vasgar, exibit and dam.

Had pahnu 1 x today, sometimes allfathers shows up, Maps i haven’t seen in this time frame are…
Canals, checkout, blood drive, district, icebound, reactor, bunker, training grounds and ive never played guardian on lift.

Today it gave the option to vote for asylum, vasgar or Asylum. I had this 4 x in a row when op 4 launched.

Its getting a bit stale playing on these same 7 maps, kinda puts me off playing gears

Anyone else see this map problem in other modes??
Thx and have a nice day👍

Edit: Forgot training ground.


Yes, I’ve seen very little of checkout in quick play.

The only good thing is that you were playing Guardian!!! And the map rotation problem is real .

Long live Guardian!!!

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I get to see pretty much every map in ranked, the only exception is Pahanu but even if it showed up nobody would vote for that piece of trash.

Map rotation in Quickplay? I get OP1 maps only, nothing else will show up and the map I just played on will obviously be one of the choices. Sometimes the matrix glitches and I see checkout but either it’s bots only or the game decides to kick me.


Ive been playing in the rotating playlist for the last couple weeks about 1-3 hour a day ive seen pahanu and allfathers about 5 times and not seen any others. Im happy they added maps but you never see them and sometimes the vote has the same map 2 times like 2 training grounds and another map. Also this new playlist is great happy its not the 16 player maps.

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Thats cause its the best mode, i do think tho that they should take out the ability of being able to spot leader.

If u have bad tm8s and get spotted as leader the other tm just bum rush.

Remember kids spotting as leader helps ur tm👀

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And now they know and knowing is half the battle!

Long live Guardian!!

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At least you get 7 maps. I get the same 4 in QM TDM: bunker, icebound, training grounds, and district. Game after game it’s just a choice of those maps. Although strangely when I first join it’s often another map but then switches to only those four maps. Something seems wrong here even if it’s just on my end.


Didnt realise tdm had it that bad, i now try only to play guardian.

Nothing beats going upto the other tms spawn with boom n killing there leader hiding in spawn.

I have yet to play BLOOD DRIVE or REACTOR in quickplay TDM.
Ive played check out once and i came into the match late so I wouldnt even count it.

Its always, district, foundation, dam and reclaimed.
I HATE DAM with a passion., now more than ever. Same with RECLAIMED. Im sick of it

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Just played 2 x quick play koth, joined on district. Next maps training grounds x 2 and district, next match was 2x district n training grounds, these were the voting options.

Hmmm it seems to be person specific about which maps you get but we seem to share in common that it is only a few. I hope it gets patched.

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That’s why I scoff when people say “TDM is fine, just play QM” because it’s just not a viable option when I only get 4 maps. Adding best of three has helped but it’s still not a reasonable alternative. I’ve been playing a fair bit of KOTH and a bit of gridiron but it just doesn’t scratch my Gears itch like TDM does.