There's Something Strange, In the Neighborhood....Hive Busters Unite

While horde and versus I’m kinda meh about for 5, I am quite excited about escape and campaign. I usually play with 1 or 2 other dudes a night few rounds or matches, and the order of the triad is a welcome addition to my group. Somethen to do nightly with the boys. I like that they throw the boss in too. I realize it’s not the most original idea but somethen new to do. I noticed like with a map maker, the ammo stock piles are near the bosses. Helps out.

Btw with all the crossover, I thought playing as Bill Murray or turning jack into slimer would be pretty funny in this.

I enjoyed seeing the ultimate powers come out in this too since working with limited ammo. That shield and knife I really enjoyed in this mode. Gives that sense of urgency, last stand kinda thing. Really looking forward to this mode. Gonna pick the comic up to catch up story wise too. The rise of raam artwork I thoroughly enjoyed. Anybody else pumped to play this mode?

Escape does look like it has the potential to be interesting, with player made maps also being a thing. For some fast paced action. With Horde really just seeming like a big restriction in terms of available character choice, and me not having much interest in Versus overall(might give Arcade a shot), it and Campaign would be what draws me to Gears 5 the most. Though it’s mostly the Campaign, since I haven’t actually gotten to try Escape myself yet. I’m hoping the other modes will turn out to be good(actually allowing duplicates in Horde would make it much more bearable, not only because it gives you more choice - can’t believe I’m actually saying this… - but also because it would reduce the amount of quitters from players who don’t get the hero they want to play). But I’m not really holding them too high.

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Havent got to play it yet either but looking forward to it. I look forward to that map maker too, maybe some nods to metroid levels, goldeneye, water temple, who knows. I played a bit of the mario makers and some of those people are pretty creative. I enjoy seeing that control given to the player. I just feel like that ultimate stuff is more appropriate in escape mode too. You’re behind the 8 ball it helps.

I find the character introduction a bit more natural too. New angle, new people. It’s nice to see another side of the cog besides the time relapse and skips outside main story arc. I’m not huge on kait so I like seeing new people come in as a squad with their own game plan. I often thought, would have been cool to play as paddock in the Sofia disappearance scenario. I like a new story outside the main one that shows creative writing.

I enjoy watching my friends develop as players with these kind of challenges too. What do they do that I can learn from? What do they see that I dont? I enjoy watching my friends grow. Versus is difficult with that, lot of variables in pvp that we are all aware of in gow. Yeah we still play a few though. Horde seems kinda limited, none of us are really looking forward to those locks. Escape is something fresh in my group we’re ready to take for a spin and have some laughs and kills with the boys.

I’ve seen pins in the jam band community that say " I ain’t afraid of no dose" I’d like to make somethen like that as a hive buster logo with a swarm dude lol