There's a sixth character

So if you go to the gears 5 website and visit the operation tab in the first part that shows the new heroes and villains there’s a sixth sloth saying coming soon and I haven’t seen anyone mention it

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Probably mid-Operation drop of a couple of characters.

Sraak is coming at some point too I believe.

Welcome Back, RIP your iron savings.

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Yeah I’ve seen Sraak teased, just hope Skorge & possibly Anya are amongst them. The Swarm/Locust are lacking this Op so far, they need to have priority on the mid drop.


Hopefully Skorge or Anya.


Lmao I should have looked at yours first.


I’m only here for the skins, no interest in the game :eyes:

But thank you :smile:

Whoa, there’s a new “sloth” character?

I can’t wait to play as a sloth.


I was talking about Not being able to buy CS with iron anymore

Ah yes.

Maybe next OP I re-roll and see if I can get to Max ToD the fastest.

That’s literally all my Iron is good for now :sweat_smile:

Boost too but you probably have 5-8 years worth of it by now.

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Haha, least we have the same idea man👍

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There’s in fact two characters coming.

Hopefully Skorge!!


You are interested in the game, stop selling lies bro. It’s getting better and you want back into the fold. Just play and stay on the forums. Heck, even I dipped back into it with @GhostofDelta2 and @ll_R_E_D_l and it looks like I will play more after being absent for all of Ops 3.


Did we play together?

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Must’ve been a dream I had.

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The servers will be shut down before my boost ends :wink:

Aha, I am actually really busy, lockdown really just made me want to be out & do things a whole lot more, and that’s what I’ve been doing!

I did get caught in the hype a little for OP4 and shiny skins.

I will maybe give it a serious go towards end of the year.

My PC currently doesn’t have a GPU.

I also need a monitor.

Maybe then.

Good to see some familiar names around the forums though, I will disappear again soon after a week or two but maybe who knows towards end of year :slight_smile:


Understandable man. Good luck to you either way.

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3, skorge, Dizzy or Oscar and Sofía, I’m sure.

I’m hoping for the elite drone from 4 honestly.