There're at least 17 maps NOT ported to Gears 5 from GoW 4

Fallout (Gears of War 4 Launch Map)
Impact (Gears of War 4 Launch Map)
Relic (Gears of War 4 Launch Map)
Fuel Depot
Old Town
Raven Down
The Slab
War Machine

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These 2 and Impact at night are the only ones I would want back in 5.

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Dawn + Diner, I liked Relic also

EDIT: Thought I replied to the post not to you specifically lol

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A lot of these would be fun for Horde…

I would any 5 of those over the new map, it would probably be less work to port over than try to make a new one…

Etherium (sp?) is sooooooo boring for horde… Played it twice, never again… I would play fuel depot, or avalanche or dawn or … anytime.

The only one I badly want back is relic. Tomb kinda gives me relic vibes so I doubt it will come back :pensive:

You’re right, we do need Sandbar back.


I thought it was called Hotel/Mansion


Dawn, relic and diner? I knew we were meant to be

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To each, their own… but if I never played Rustlung again, it’d be too soon.

Fallout can stay in Gears 4 and rot for all I care. Most boring Horde map ever.

Diner and Dawn are ok but maybe overplayed them in Gears 4 a little.

Avalanche is just a horribly boring spawn camping fest practically every time so if it stays away, I won’t mind.

Everything else, I don’t really care too much for. Impact will only be good if it’s either the daytime version or night time with better visibility instead of clearly being made for PvP primarily.

Would be a great map for CQC-classes and PvE in general so don’t worry. It’s never gonna return.

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I know what my bff wants

I want 14 person FFA on Raven Down. Make it happen TC.

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Diner and Relic were so easy on the eyes, loved all the details in both.

This man just wants chaos. Im down for it.

Impact and Relic can come back, but other than that there’s already way too many Gears 4 ports in this game.

I barely ever find games on Allfathers, Pahanu, Reactor, Op5 maps, Tomb, and now Ephyra.

I constantly find myself trudging through games on Gears 4 maps that I’ve been playing for 5 years just praying to the dear lord above that I wouldn’t get another one in the next match.

Doesn’t help that people vote Blood Drive over any new map. It’s an absolute joke