There should be big tdm

I like to see 8 vs 8 tdm , that would be insanely fun . What do you guys think.


Not enough big maps and then they’ll add vehicles and then master chief as a playable character then you’ll see battle toads man, you’re going the wrong way.


Psh we had 5v5 & they crushed it to 4v4 with …

I don’t think these guys running the show care about the gears of war players as much as they prioritize the casual gamer …


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Make it 10 players overall and I’ll agree with you.


It would be but this game cant even handle 2v2 (thts 4 players) workout straight bs happening.

Im sure everyone would agree
.if the game cant process all the background graphics etc etc then how bout we turn everything down so the gsme can actually handle shot registration etc etc

I suggested in the Dev Stream 7v7 considering we had 14 player FFA at one point. I personally didn’t experience any issues with that many players in a single lobby.

I feel like the only way they could do anything larger than 5v5 would be Overrun 2.0. Overrun was the only good thing to come out of Judgement and larger teams for that game type reimagined could really capture the old “War” aspect of Gears of War (bc I still hate how this is titled Gears 5 not Gears of War 5 even tho we always shorten the title when discussing legacy games).

Would definitely need to add some bigger maps like cod do for ground war or else it’d be too mad to the point where it’s zero fun

Not a bad idea tho I’d love a big larger scale escalation or something