There’s something wrong with Active Reloads

I’m not sure what’s going on but ever since the last update I’m not getting active reloads when I should be. If I active as I run into the battle from spawn or during a battle my bullet counter would begin to flash. Now, it’s not doing it more than half the time and I’m not sure if I even have an active. I played 5 straight rounds on 2v2 Boxes before my active even registered which I don’t understand.

Also, off topic, the counter for Boxes is off because I won a match and it didn’t even count it towards the achievement. Figures.

Are you able to post a clip demonstrating?

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I had recorded one and it said “clip recorded” but it’s not showing up. Thanks Xbox!

I’m trying to replicate it now but it’s working every time. I know for a fact I was within the small line so I’m not sure what is going on. Anyways, I’ll keep an eye on it. Maybe the hard reset I did solved it?

Yeah could be a temporary bug, or even lag maybe? Idk lol

But about your side note,I played 10 matches and they all counted toward the achievement. Maybe you just had an unlucky day lol - should work if you keep playing.

I’ve played 4 and won 4 but only counted 3.

I recorded a clip but I’m still playing so it’ll take a bit to upload. In real time it certainly looked that it glitched and the next round it worked. It’s inconsistent as hell.

The lag in 2v2 is real. We won but this guy was sponging 5 shots for 91% but he could 1 shot me every time from 10 feet away and I’d explode. Like, wait what? Lol, why am I on comp and he’s on core?


Okay, so I just got into a lobby and before the vote even ended the lobby dissolved and I was given a 30 minute suspension. Given that I never quit out of matches that’s pretty ridiculous.

Anyways, here’s a video showing what issue(s) I’m dealing with regarding Active Reloads.

In this second clip you can see me get actives and also not.

Am I missing something here? Should those not be actives? I don’t usually pay attention to where the line hits when I play and I always get actives. But my damage output has been really low when I feel I should have them and then I notice I never did have an active. Any help is appreciated and if this Gears head is wrong well then no idea how i made it this far without knowing something so simple. :joy:

Am I just outside the line and only noticing/missing it because I’m paying attention? I went to a private lobby and hit actives every time so it’s not like my timing is off. Maybe lag as you said.


You need to have an active to use it. Its the white bar next to your ammo.

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Well, duh. Lol :joy:

It’s working 100% of the time in private matches but it’s iffy in public. May be a lag issue causing input delays I don’t know. It’s weird though and started with the new update.

Well, theres nothing wrong with your clips. Are you looking at the right white bar, to the right of your ammo?

Yes, exactly. As I said above maybe my eyes are deceiving me which is possible because I have been extremely tired as of late. But it seems like some of those should have been actives, no? If not, carry on then and I’m wrong. If it’s user error then I am doing something different because I would always get actives before but now it’s a crap shoot and only during ranked play as it doesn’t happen in private.

Maybe I need a nap. :zzz:

You need a nap…I’m unsure as to how it is decided when the active reload meter refills in 2v2 but you can’t just reload right away and get an active as you were trying every round. (as shown by the fact that the white active reload line is greyed out and the active reload meter on the right is not white)

You can’t get an active every round unless it lasts…the first round has the extra start up time so you should have an instant active available in it. Outside of that I don’t understand why some rounds I get an active charge by the first battle and other times I have no meter at all.

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I didn’t even think of it carrying over to the next round.

Even so, seemed to happen in Round 1 also but who knows. That actually makes sense.

Time for a nap… after I figure out why this laptop refuses to run software after a factory reset that lets me adjust the backlit keyboard. Samsung sucks, apparently their own software doesn’t work with Win 10 all of a sudden.

Closing per request by the op, and question has been answered.