There is only two difficulties, overpowered and raidlike

First I want to acknowledge that this is like the best game in its genre. The action is quick, the encounter with enemies happens within the first two turns, the maps are good, the combat is good, etc.

Really the only issue I have to complain about is the difficulty settings you choose when you start your campaign. There are four levels of difficulty - beginner, intermediate, experienced and insane. The first three levels of difficulty don’t even offer a challenge. Once you kill Ukkon and embark on veteran missions your gears are way overpowered for the content.

On the other hand there is insane difficulty where often is the case you’d need to restart missions several times because your units skip the downed state and straight up die and important characters like Gabe and Sid need to stay alive. I think I’ve fought Brumak for several hours mainly because of logistics and needing to move around to avoid his melee attacks, bombs, dropoffs of locusts from nemacysts and e-holes. I wouldn’t say that I had a fun time doing all that because most of what I was doing was repetitive and had to be done due to mechanics. Most of the time I wasn’t able to deal damage to the boss and was spending actions on escaping danger.

I think the settings in each difficulty need to be rebalanced to give players a sense of urgency, danger and strife.

I propose that in beginner difficulty players are limited to common equipment cases and mods. Beginner difficulty should be an introduction to gameplay mechanics, equipment, and mods. Reducing or limiting the amount of power players have when fighting the locusts and keeping that level comparable to one of subsistence will inculcate a general sense of foreboding of what is to come in future higher levels of difficulty and encourage players to pursue what would seem to be an uphill battle with the locusts.

In other difficulty settings there would be a similar transition of difficulty. Equipment in intermediate difficulty would be limited to rare and epic, experienced difficulty would have legendary equipment, and insane would give players supreme equipment for the toughest challenge in the game.

The locusts must also be a match for the player’s level of power in each difficulty setting so that there is a noticeable hierarchy between the various levels of difficulty.

Another important recommendation to keep veteran missions challenging is to also give the locusts stat boosts, like when players gain veteran levels the locusts also level up to keep veteran missions inspiring at the very least. The unequal balance of power that accumulates gradually as players gain more and more powerful equipment makes hunting locusts in veteran missions something akin to the challenge of catching fish already in a barrel.

Lastly, I wish there to be changes in insane mode missions. Gears have woefully inadequate equipment and skills to deal with the boosted stats of the locusts. Gears should not be outright killed before they are downed. At least give us a chance to save our brethren. People shouldn’t have to spend one hour to complete one mission. Change the mechanics of boss fights so that players aren’t spending more than half of their time running from one point to another trying to survive overwhelming odds. I’ve been fighting Brumak for hours and most of the time of was doing nothing inspiring but escaping locusts and Brumak attacks and giving myself the small windows of opportunity to coordinate my attacks so that my Gears don’t die after getting hit once. If the scenario were one where I was heroic and not a coward the boss fight would have a different feel. Instead most fights are just dragged out scenarios where our Gears’ weak attacks slowly drop the locusts in due time, Why not from the start give our Gears adequate equipment to deal with these locusts? Give them better equipment to survive attacks and to efficiently clear out the locusts.

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