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There is only one tuning but core and comp are still here via aim-assist

TC have made changes they have deemed necessary to have only one weapon tuning - 6 shot gnasher, new reload system, movement nerfs, recoil, etc.

In Gears 5 “core” and “comp” are about aim-assist. In Gears 4, I believe there was minimal aim-assist in core and barely any if at all in comp. Here is Gears 5, it looks like they are using it to differentiate the experience between core and comp.

Aim-assist needs to be toned down or removed from ranked, I’m of the mindset that all ranked is competitive and if anything then such aim-assist should be left for social. It doesn’t have to get completely removed but it definitely has to be toned down.

The gnasher gets you kills that you shouldn’t get, almost like the old backpack kills. It is like it was designed to be noob-friendly or tested by first timers. The gnasher tuning is amazing but the aim-assist is the problem.

As for the lancer, it was like a magnet to the opponent. I felt like I had stick drift by how much the lancer followed the opponent’s movements.

This is part of a bigger dynamic in the game. It isn’t as simple as turning on or off the aim-assist. Let me explain:


Some of the changes they have made are not an absolute necessity in order to have one weapon tuning. Some of these changes could have honestly just been made to escalation 2.0 as it is its own mode, kinda like arcade has unique features.

For example, the gnasher could have 8 shots and get plus 4 with a normal reload in all game modes except escalation. That would create a bigger difference between modes? Yes, but in escalation the gnasher could be upgraded from 6/3 to 8/4 just like other weapons can be upgraded in escalation. And, i mean, you can place a dropshot in your own side of the map in esca so…it is a different mode just like arcade.

I think that is logical and I’d like to see it at least tested because the 6/3 gnasher is skillful in escalation but I feel like myself and others in the community find it more annoying and more of a hindrance than a skillful change for a game mode like KOTH. Imagine going through the opponents only to have to reload once again and not being able to kill the leader in Guardian. The community may adjust or maybe not.

But i would not like to see no recoil in core but have recoil in comp. That wouldn’t be a logical change as it would be a major change between modes. Does TC feel that the gnasher tuning would become op with an 8/4 system? Fair enough.

The limited ammo, recoil and such come into the game because they fit perfectly with escalation and they created the tuning around escalation/esports. That single game mode already dictated some maps for Gears 4 (hello, forge blitz) and it is doing its rounds here in Gears 5. Fair enough I guess as it is seen as the premier game mode of the franchise by TC.

This is just an example of the new dynamic between core and comp going forward. Just one of the discussions between core and comp without changing the actual tuning of the weapons. However, I understand that tuning of weapons goes beyond just damage and range.


But to have aim-assist create the new “core” and “comp” is a mistake. They have said they are looking into adding a personal option to disable aim-assist in “core” so you can always practice with it off.

That personal option is neat but I don’t see any koth/tdm/guardian players turning it off to handicap themselves if they are seriously playing to win. Maybe it will be a matter of feel seeing how the core aim-assist is too much, heck it might throw off comp players.

Going forward, if they make a change here or there it doesn’t have to affect the whole game. It doesn’t mean it would create the hated core and comp dynamic from Gears 4. There are already major differences between arcade, koth, and esca, which are the three modes used to showcase the game to the world.

Do the best for each experience. Bot-backfilling in koth but not tdm? Could work. A dropshot on your side of the map is fine in esca. Different movement and weapons in arcade are fine in arcade. One thing doesn’t have to drag another thing with it.

Heck, I’ve seen plenty of people that think the entire game is like arcade and they love it or hate it.

There can be a core and comp dynamic, there will be one but it should’t go by training wheels. There are still going to be “core kids” and “comp gods” lol. Bottom line, creating the new “core” and "comp’ by aim-assist is a mistake, especially since the aim-assist is too much. If it’s gonna be like that, might as well and remove recoil from core…and that is not what anybody wants.

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