There is no worse feeling than shooting someone with the gnasher and you see the bullets go through them and hit the wall behind them


Bonus points if they start taunting after they kill you.

Shooting in general feels different in this game, like shots ‘arrive’ instead of ‘travel’.


Happens to me daily. Especially obvious when they are crouched behind cover, you flank and land all pellets for an easy kill but they don’t die. They stand up (revealing the pellet pattern in the wall behind them) and gib you. System says you did no damage.


I also experience this daily. Yet the hit detection is perfectly fine even though my low ping states otherwise.

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I feel this way about longshot bullets. Watching it glitch through them.

I hate it when you and your opponent shoot each other at the same distance and time, but only you for and they get off with say 82% damage done. I also dislike it when you shoot upteen bullets into a person and they don’t die or go down yet they hit you for the same and you go down or die.

E.g. You shoot someone as they shoot back.
You do 83% damage and they stay standing.
You get hit for 83%+ damage and you go down/die.

It’s silly! I’ve experienced it a lot. You get hit for a specific damage (eg 85%) and you go down, but then you go and hit someone for the same damage you were downed on and they don’t go down they just keep shooting you…

Actually there is…

It’s the feeling you get when you’re in cover baiting a sniper, release LT to get back into cover, and then get you’re head blown off a half second later after you got back in cover.

This is happening nonstop tonight. Constant Mexico 90ms and above pings surviving point blanks but you die while you’re behind them. They then tbag me not able to admit they’re terrible and succeed due to lag. How do I do 87% in 3 direct hits while they do 100% in a clear no pellets hit miss? How do they shoot before they’re around the corner on my screen when I’m pinging lower? I’m sick of being at a disadvantage just because you want to cater to the worst connections ever! Ban mexico from US servers already. They don’t bring anything other than extreme lag and no one wants to deal with this.

Edit: 3 matches tonight and every single one I’ve had a 20ms ping but the enemy was pinging in the hundreds and my game felt sluggish, I was sticking to walls and of course more sponging than would be imaginable. The best part? Mexico players were the cause of all this nonsense! Stop pairing me with these players that have Internet from the 90s for damn sake. I can’t take much more of these players that continue to cheat in ranked matches by the way of horrible connections.


a few examples: