There is no skill gap at all in gears 5

This link has been posted multiple times in many different threads…
If there have been changes to the gnasher damage for Gears 5 I’m unaware of it (admittedly I don’t follow TC on Twitter).

If your going to sit here and tell me that shooting empty space to score kills doesn’t hinder movement, I’m going to say your wrong.

Again, congrats on that Master rank


What are you even talking about?

If theres no skill gap I wouldn’t loose every damn game because my teammates hold their controller up side down.

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i think the issue here is that we don’t know what he considers Gow4 Gnasher. if he’s a Comp player, then yes, the Gears 5 gnasher is OP as hell. If he’s a Core lover, then Gears 5 gnasher is underpowered as hell…

So it’s all relative…


More like outplayed, but whatever lol. Long time fans still dont understand that the game needs to evolve, they dont understand that its made for a new generation, and they dont want to get used to it. All you see is people complaining that you can kill them half way across the map with a rifle when they are running around like headless birds with their shotguns out in the open, and not using any cover lmao.

I assume you’re talking about lag comp? I know the window is stupid high for both 4 and 5, but now that the servers have leveled out I’m not finding as many blatant killed behind cover or behind an enemy situations.

Then again that’s only personal experience and if it’s happening a lot to you then I understand it’s quite frustrating.

this guy gets it


I noticed you said rodie run wheevs are still a thing but how can you say that when theres a obvious full 1 second delay comming out of a rodie run? I have time to press RT 3 to 4 times after I let the run button go. And by the time it shots… its to late. Now I get I should just get used to the delay and time my shoots better. And I agree with timing my shots better, but its completely absurd how my guy literally stands there holding his gun for 1 full second out of a run before it shots. Its absurd and I cant even play because I’m afraid my gnasher ain’t even gonna shot when I need to stop running and flick shot. Which I can no longer EVER rely on because again… I’m pressing my RT 3 to 4 times before it shots. Cant even play ranked cause I cant flick shot out of a run. Granted iv always been hard stuck onyx so obviously I’m not the best player but hell man… let me shoot for christ sake


I dont have a problem with evolving, i actually like the way the lancer works for example, it could use some tweaks but still, the problem is with the dumbed down movement that you cant dodge shots or outmove/flank people the way you were able to before, can you tell me in what way did movement evolve? Meanwhile the weapons are buffed to hell which wouldnt be a problem if we had fluid and fast movement. I can camp with power weapons all day and get my mvp easily but why do i play if its not fun?

Unpopular opinion but i also loved ■■■■■■ around with the sawn off in 3 because even though it was crazy strong you could still dodge the shot thanks to the nice movement

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You type too much, and are boring. Go home.

Dude the multiplayer in gears 4 and 5 are pathetic i have played gears since the beginning and this games multiplayer is a complete snore fest nothing will beat gears of war 1-3 multiplayer and that’s a fact.

I was hoping things would change with this gears game especially but its pretty the same old rubbish just like gears of war 4 was its lacking in every single department from the weapons, maps and all the way to the menus and tour of duty.

The only thing i would consider decent to my suprise was the campaign i actually enjoyed it alot and im still going to play it again, horde isn’t too bad for maybe a game or 2 aswell.


Oh and not to mention since they made the lancer a heart stopper with the stopping power it has… iv played points in KOTH where LITERALLY NO ONE CAPED THE POINT because there was Lancers on both teams on high ground, always one or 2 flanking, and getting killed by either the lancer people just turning behind them (not hard to hear people coming and you can easily tell where they are which I do love) or by the one person on your team with the middle power weapon who is also always fighting the other person on the other team wanting to do the same thing. So its litterly a stand off cause it becomes impossible to get points in some areas just cause Lancers come out. My idea is to make a game mode with everything the same but ONLY take out lancers and make it it’s own gamemode. I would be happy this way. Because honestly I get the lancers have a huge role in comp and strategies but it’s to much. I dont want to play games on here LITERALLY SPENDING HALF MY GAME IF NOT MORE GETTING SHOT BY THE LANCER OR SHOOTING IT. And I’m tired of it already. Its extremely over the top and makes for really long, drawn out, boring af games. Come on who’s gonna tell me you actually have fun being those people they shoot the lancers all the time, because if been forced to. ( providing cover fire trying to suppress the enemy lancers). I’d rather there be a mode with all the same things just take the lancer out for it haha. I’d sure as hell have alot more fun


Yep, this game feels unresponsive on console … I cant stand it at all …


It’s different for everyone really, I don’t find the delay out of roadie too different from Gears 4 personally but that’s just me. You can always bounce out of a roadie strafe to avoid shots if you find the delay too long.

For your post on the lancer that’s just how most higher level games play out, it does suck but that’s just how it’s been since Gears 2 (even though people won’t admit it). You said you were onyx in Gears 4 and even onyx level has lots of rifling, because its mostly risk free. Doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of gnasher fights/duels too (except for TDM).

Also your ideal game mode just sounds like king of the gnasher but with power weapons (which isn’t a terrible idea if boom and dropshot is not in it).


This game feels so bland, it’s almost like a gears clone but unfortunately it is actually gears . Poor maps, poor omen, auto aim horrible, no new game modes in 3 years and a reduction of the existing ranked modes.

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Game requires zero skill now. The lancer needs to be nerfed. Gnasher is inconsistent. All players are stealing my downs so they can get an elim as well causing my KD to drop. However i think the movement is fine. I feel like i roll or get stuck on walls more in this game but i think i just need to get used to it more. Just the gnasher is what is getting to me. I can break someones legs bouncing around and do 96% in 3 shots but they can head down me and kill me in one shot. Gears 4 I could play escalation for hours. I cant even play this game for 20 minutes


Yeah so if you go to gears 4 real quick, custom game… run and spam RT as soon as you let go of the running button. It shots while there back is still tilted just a lil. On gears 5 your back basically has to be straight up and mounted for what seems to a full second on top of the forcefully having to play east servers probably cause west servers dont exist.

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KOTH spawns are broken too