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There is no skill gap at all in gears 5

Honestly i wasnt expecting 5’s versus to be on the same level of gears 3 of course, 4 was already arcade-y and casualied especially in core, but i wasnt prepared to be this disappointed.

This game has no skill gap at all, its bland, its boring, its empty, its like a jump in and jump out after 5 minutes when you get bored type of game.
As a diamond player i have as much of a hard time killing people who have never touched gears as they have a hard time killing me.

The movement is dumbed down, it feels slow, clunky and delayed. I play on max sensitivity with barely any deadzones and it still feels like im not moving at all when i turn its so unresponsive. You cant outplay people, you cant have your own style of movement, you cant play around with new players dodging their shots as they struggle killing you because you get gibbed from 5 meters while your character is barely moving. The long and exciting gnasher fights are gone, they are all over in mere seconds and you have no chance to win 1v3 fights simply by outplaying your opponents, you cant have glorious gnasher clutches destroying a whole team just by outplaying them. Its just all about rush and die with the gnasher or just sit with a lancer or power weapon in a corner.

The auto aim is just atrocious, and you cant even turn it off. It slows down your reticle movement, sticks to your targets and ■■■■■ with your muscle memory. I had the most fun using the longshot and boltok in previous games, now i rather not even pick them up, especially the boltok which feels like a nerf gun both in terms of accuracy and damage.

The eliminations are a joke, kills have no meaning anymore, you can just shoot a snub bullet into your enemy and you get an elimination. You cant follow your k/d mid game, but honestly you dont even have to because kills really dont mean anything at this point, people just steal all your downs anyway since that way you both get an elimination to boost your stats.

Versus really feels like an empty husk of what gears used to be, its more like a gears themed shooter than a gears of war game. Most people at this forum individually have more idea about what makes gears what it is than the whole studio responsible for this game.

BUT after all, the inverse omen was a bright idea, its disgusting, pointless and distracting, so it fits the game perfectly.


Agreed, they are ruining gears MP.


My goodness the amount of people claiming to be diamond or “great” players but stating there is no skill gap or they’re getting killed by people who have never played is astounding.

Movement has been slowed down and seems clunky at first, however wallbouncing and roadie strafes are still relevant alongside reaction and wraparound shots. New players will get stomped by competent players in gnasher duels. Also the fact gnasher damage has been shown multiple times to be lower than Gears 3 and 4.

Aim assist is slightly stronger than previous titles it doesn’t do the aiming for you like some people claim. Boltok still 2 shot head shots and only thing to change from longshot is the reticle.

All these people on the forum who “have more idea about what makes gears what it is than the whole studio” only ever seem to remember the good things and never mention some of the god awful gameplay/mechanics and lack of competitive integrity. But hey at least they had the true '06 Gears experience in 19 round execution on Raven Down


Lmao this right here^^^


No skill gap??? No outplaying people???
And you claim to be a diamond? Honestly I think you must be lying about diamond. Or your just a really bad diamond that got your rank by being carried by a diamond team in ranked. The movement is fine. You can wall bounce and strafe just fine. Everything that you could do movement wise and gameplay wise in 4 you can do in 5. I’m able to wall bounce around people and get clutches with gnasher just like in 4. You can most definitely still out play people especially those of low skill. if your really diamond you should be slaying it out there, I’ve been onyx 3 throughout the life of 4 and I’m doing fine in 5. Only way a noob will kill me is if I make a stupid mistake or there is a network lag in a critical moment. I still can go toe to toe with skilled players, do I get outplayed sometimes? You bet, but I don’t blame the game or the movement for it. So unless your experiencing a lot of lagg your claims are just false.


My goodness the amount of people making excuses for the game being bland with no real arguments is astounding.

Yeah thats right, this game will never even get close to a 19 round execution match:) but that wasnt even my point as i didnt expect it to live up to it, gears 4 was also a failure in my eyes but at least the movement had some depth.

I doubt you even noticed that you cant even make 90 degrees turns by roadie anymore. Or checked the delay between pressing the A button and the actual start of roadie-ing, or basically the delay for every movement you make. Yeah you can still bounce fast af, its just pointless, you can do fancy reaction shots, its just pointless and slow so even rookies can pick you off. But i kinda feel like you hadnt even played versus or used the longshot at least, judging by the comment you gave on the aim assist not being forced lol

Dont worry i can still get mvp every match if i act like a tryhard, its just not fun anymore, its boring, even though videogames are to have fun. I bet esport players love the current state of the game though, they just dont play for fun u know:) Esport is one of the biggest mistakes of gears imo.
I also bet casuals love this gameplay because its easy for them to get into the game since its holding your hand every way it can, its just not something that will keep players playing on the long term since there is no depth in the game, there is no need to practice fancy movements or shots, no motivation to learn how to do cool wallbounce like the “pros” and there is no feeling of badassness when you pull of something crazy mid match


I have won plenty of 1v3’s already by out playing players in gears 5. Your skill must be gapped. Stop crying about the game seriously if you don’t like it play something else.


Yall really out here saying this game has a skill gap because i can clutch lol yeah thats the thing, even my grandmother can clutch in this game because its so simplified, my problem is that the feeling of depth and complexity that made you fe badass is gone. Have fun with your clutches and quints


What kind of arguement is there to be made if you personally find the game bland? Its personal preference, I can’t change your opinion.

You still can make 90 degree turns with roadie strafes, I’m not sure what you’re on about. The delay to roadie is similar to 4 but a little slower I’ll give you that. I don’t get how you admit bouncing is still fast but then say it’s not effective. The “hand holding” has been present in every single Gears title that came after 1, that’s kind of how game companies try and retain a new playerbase.

The depth to the game is still in the movement and new players cannot keep up with legitimate onyx and diamond players without getting stomped due to movement hence a skill gap.


There is a skill gap but honestly, we’ve reached the point you don’t even have to be close to accurate to hit and kill targets at an extremely fast rate anymore and the amount of hand holding, compromised ■■■■ makes it a degenerate game so who cares?


Yeah its probably personal preference its just a bit obvious something is not right when a lot of people have a similar opinion as mine,
Anyways, i dont think there has been any hand holding as obvious as this time, for exame i personally dont want an aim assist bot to confuse me while im trying to aim or give me free eliminations just because i damaged someone and so on.
I dont know how much gears versus you played but in previous titles you could see clearly who was a beginner and who was a pro just by looking at how they move, now that is gone and for me thats a fact. I dont see individual styles against me when playing versus

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I don’t know what he’s talking about, I can definitely tell better players by how they move and react so much better and faster than I do…

I suspect that what we have here is someone who got REALLY GOOD at some ONE specific mechanic which worked in a previous game which no longer works in THIS game, so he’s basically saying “I can no longer dominate doing that one specific thing I was doing to dominate in an earlier title”.

Which isn’t an indication of a problem, just an indication of a change.


It could also be the fact it’s a new game? Every single Gears launch people are always complaining about changes and how it should play like a previous title.

I don’t know what to tell you I barely noticed the aim assist after playing for a few hours. I also never really cared for amount of kills, only ever score since that generally was the real indication if a teammate was useful or not.

There is most definitely still a clear indication between the quality of players in their movement and reactions/game knowledge

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If you can’t see the aim assist in this game…I mean…wow.


I can see it, but I’m use to it now and it doesn’t hinder my gameplay like a lot of people complain about. It also isn’t strong enough to make movement useless like some people say too

Fully agree with you bro, feels like the game is made for noobs with the ridiculous aim assist and the eliminations. Versus is the most boring of any gears game.


Yeah the game sucks so went on to play other games. So glad I didnt pay $80 for it though.


I like how many of you make assumptions about my skill/knowledge of the game as if it would discredit what im trying to say. If youre so interested then i let you know that in gears 3 i was top 400 in warzone which was my fav mode, in gears 4 i was full house diamond the first 2 seasons, and last season i solo’ed myself to diamond 4:) does my “skill level” make any of my words more true or false? Compared to previous games this one feels simplified to cater to casual players coming from gamepass, which part of this statement is wrong?


This whole thread is hilarious honestly.
To all those here who say that Ranked takes no skill and completely caters to noobs, I congratulate you on getting Master rank.


Gears vet 2017 OGLP here and I just wanna say that this game is bad because I’m not number 1 yet.

Get wrecked, llamas