There is no class for pvp!

hi ,

for some one who played gow 5 beta version then
after a long time after reelase on steam get the game and seems devs inactivated all classes for all pvp modes !
am i right ?

cause in open beta i could change my class /loudout for example take sniper class or other classes same as horde mode and use it in pvp matche/ modes too !

now there is nowhere to choose your class for pvp
and all players have same loutout ( riffle / shotgun/handgun) !
it’s ■■■■■■■■ !!!

why ???

is it caused of pvp balancing or something like that ?
it’s unplayable for me , play pvp with same gearsets with other players !!!

why i can’t choose my own class and can’t enjoy of leveling up my class in pvp as what i doing it in pve ( hord mode ) ?

pvp has no sense like this !!!

It’s available in Arcade mode only, so still in the game.

are you sure ???

pvp mode then choose arcade ?

that’s all ? :heart_eyes:

what’s the arcad mode i mean how does it work can u plz explain this mode ?

Yeah it’s arcade you were playing ; basically every character has a premade loadout with abilities attached and you play game modes like TDM, Blitz, and KOTH