There is absolutely no way

How in the world… Hahaha.


I can see where you’re coming from, lol.

This game is weird. It’s so broken I don’t think I could give it a score above 3 in all honesty. But it’s also the only game I enjoy so based on time played it’s got to be a 5 due to it’s fun factor and/or addictive nature.

This game is complicated…


This was covered some time ago. MS deleted hundreds of bad reviews and out of nowhere thousands of good reviews appeared.

My 1 star this game sucks big time review was deleted and shortly after I got the message to review the game. Coincidence? Fraud? Conspiracy theory go grab your tin foil hat? Choose the one you like the most.

Game has certainly improved but 4+ stars out of 5? yeah right.


As Belkain said, the bad reviews were deleted and new ones showed up. You also need to know that companies pay people to just put positive review after review on their sites. More than half of those could be paid reviews.


That’s pretty much what everyone does now. Games, movies ect. If a review doesn’t claim your product is gods gift to the earth, they label it as “toxic” and delete your review. Giving off the impression the object is perfect. Which is why I don’t trust anything where the owner can delete bad reviews. One of the reasons I like Steam over xbox and playstation.
Look at “reviews” for the latest star wars movies. Most of the good ones literally say the same 4-5 words but in a different order. I’ve ordered tickets to movies that were said to be sold out. Yet when I get into the theater there’s like maybe 8 people. Would not surprise me if the company bought tickets to promote the film.

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I recall @TC_Octus saying that he would contact someone in Microsoft about this I don’t know if this went anywhere but I suspect MS did nothing.


You people are so weird. HOW o HOW is this game broken lol. Nothing is broken about it. It works and plays well. Cause it doesn’t play the way YOU want it to doesn’t make it broken. Strange people complain about everything now days.


I am sure it plays 100% perfect for you and you only.


Gears games always sell millions of copies, yet there are only like 10k of us that stick around and play it’s other modes consistently.

There is a very good chance that many of these votes are from people who played the campaign, enjoyed it, and rated it positively, and have not touched it since.


No I just don’t complain like a kid for everything that doesn’t go my way

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2 or 3 stars are a possibility?! There’s no need to be so generous.


I’m definitely one. No real issues here.

It’s not any bad reviews as soon as toxic, it’s toxic reviews seen as toxic. There is a clear difference and you’re a little too involved to see otherwise. You can give a constructively negative review and it’ll stay up, but most of the internet culture are entitled ■■■■■ that think they can abuse and degrade those who made the product. The only reviews I’ve seen that are removed are those such reviews so if that’s what you’re defending here then you’re who I’m talking about. Your opinion in that case is objectively worthless. Be upset with the product, but don’t lose your tact and class and don’t defend those who have.

As for the reviews, it’s a AAA game that most people will rate based on the campaign and the entertainment they get with their friends. The competitive lone wolf syndrome I see here daily isn’t the majority, the game is actually good until you involve other people, then it becomes trash. The community is what makes the game, and yes TC has issues to iron out but the main problem with Gears has always been the community. Play the same game types in private matches, you’ll see the difference. Gears 5 isn’t perfect but it is factually a good game.


This is beyond pathetic.

Your entire argument holds no validity. You’ve seen the “toxic” reviews specifically get removed. So you read every single review, know exactly which ones were toxic and you know for a fact that those specifically were removed lol shut up dude.

I gave this game a one star review and gave very valid reasons. On release the game came bear bones as compared to previous gears only for them to add a f2p market place and take advantage of their consumer base. The online actually didnt work, constantly getting kicked or not even finding matches for almost 2 months. The gasnher didnt and still doesn’t work properly, clearly the game still has issues. The campaign, assuming you can be objective actually sucked. The open world elements were actually terrible because the game just added a completely empty open world section for the purpose of dragging the game out that added as much as an open world ubisoft game. If you liked it great but OBJECTIVELY it was pointless padding adding travel time between objectives in a COMPLETELY empty open world. Can you be objective or are you gonna reply with “well I liked it.”

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You say this but my 5* review was also deleted.
I know everyone only wants to focus on the negative though, as that is more appealing.

I think everyone is forgetting loads of people played this on game pass & they loved the campaign, they gave it a 5* review most likely due to being very happy getting a good triple a single player/Co op experience on their game pass sub & moved on.

It’s the just overly vocal minority that constantly bash the game, instead of moving onto a new game or franchise like a normal rational person.

They have this weird mentality of I don’t enjoy the game, so no one else is allowed too either & spew their toxicity everywhere & all they are doing is putting off others from trying the franchise.

I think gears 5 is by far the best game in the series in terms of actual core gameplay in it’s multiplayer, when it works. (we had a dark period when they completely broke the gnasher, but we are past that now and the game feels excellent now)

But the game does have some issues like its ranking system, I shouldn’t get MVP and lose points, it’s disappointing, but it doesn’t take away from the core gameplay what brings me back.

& if you prefer the older games, go back and play them, because they still work, hell gears 2 and 3 got a nice enhancement on x.

anyway everyone, life is to short to focus on the negative, find something you enjoy and you’ll feel a lot better :)!



It’s perfectly fine by me if you think that way, I’m only saying that by the end of October / early November, the game had an average score of 2.4 and then by December it’s up to 4.5+.

What happened? Maybe thousands of game pass players gave the game a 5 star? could be, but should that be the case then why the bad reviews were magically deleted and replaced shortly after but positive ones? Doesn’t it make more sense that MS erased the bad ones and payed for good ones? OP3 brought new content but it was definitely not a game changer.

I won’t go back to old games with extremely low population and I would most certainly speak my mind about the bad things of a product I payed for and keep supporting.