There are plenty of challenges to be had, in Horde

I’m not denying that a wipe is impossible. To me it just feels too easy. I can’t describe what it is exactly (probably because almost every class if not every class can carry the majority of a game when played right).

I always have my comparison game PAYDAY 2 which has a somewhat similar mechanic in assault - defend a spot against waves of enemies. However the higher difficulties require some thought in your build and certain strategies. If it’s not enough, one can always go into Crime Spree for additional modifiers or sometimes even the Holdout modes are tricky to complete with a competent team on the highest difficult. You also have to watch for ammo in PD2 and either have someone bring ammo as equipment, or run out there where you killed the enemies to get some ammo. In Gears 5 Horde you can override that fact with weapon lockers.

In addition, the enemies actually look different and come with different weapons the further you increase difficulty. Most games only ramp up damage and health of the enemies (like Gears 5).

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If your team got whipped because of the ridiculous demolition, what were your four teammates including yourself doing? Aren’t your team too rely on demolition?

I think it’s not good to complain this random at this point.

I was not referring to incompetence or nad decisionmaking of randoms, and more the stupid rubbish the game makes “happen” because it decided you were not going to win that time. Eg Snatcher spawns two meters away from you while the fabricator is like 10-20 meters away and no other enemies appeared there ever, then the game immediately makes you die while INSIDE the Snatcher because a random Boomshot that was not even remotely aimed at you came flying.

My buddy was leveling up his gunner, think he was at lvl 14, and the other two were also randoms, the robot expert kinda knew what he was doing but the other one sucked (lvl 20 infiltrator yet no bleed damage nor stim when killing an enemy, obviouly a dah clock farmer), i was marksman but with no explosive shot card equipped (too broken and have always hated the thing of only 1 dude taking all the kills). Thats why i relied more on demo but his bleed damage must have been at lvl 1 or 2 lol. Totally on us for playing with randoms, still funny how demo killed himself with his own short, Sentinel trolling and fake lvl 20 randoms

PAYDAY 2 only ramps up health and damage. AI tactics and variety were neutered in 2016 and the only extra optional difficulty modifier you can opt for is the one down gimmick which is pretty much irrelevant due to everyone and their grandmothers running medic bags, swan song, inspire, akimbo shotguns. Difficulty in that game is a joke. Not even being one shotted by a cop you didn’t see across the map is much of a threat because of how many safety nets your crew can have. And it’s all a result of DLC power creep.
Most guns are ammo positive with the obvious exception of things like rocket launchers, which makes ammo bags irrelevant as well unless you’re bringing one of those meme weapons.

Honestly I’d say Gears 5 somehow does difficulty better, even though I hate most of the standard modifiers in Horde. It’s just that randomly you’re subjected to some BS you couldn’t predict because the game felt like it and you wipe. Like a Snatcher spawning right in your base. Or a Kestrel manages to shoot through a roof and kills your entire team.


Although the explosive shot card is broken, still it’s not easy for Marksman to take all the kills really unless the auto active reload modifier, However, in that Infiltrator, that’s trolling. The demo is kinda sad as it’s totally unlucky.

Huh, must’ve changed a lot since I last properly played it then… to be fair,my focus used to be on stealth (which can’t be compared with Gears obviously) but I have played assault variants every here and there and especially that holdout on FWB felt tricky to complete with three teammates who certainly knew what they were doing (it was during Infamy grind,maybe that’s why it felt tricky).

Was this done with friends, and all had mics, or with randoms? These would be two completely different experiences.

This is exactly it!

I’d rather take neither to be honest, both are p**s poor ways of making things more difficult and are not very rewarding in terms of gameplay for players.

The modifiers set in the dailies do a good job of making things more difficult and forcing players to do stuff differently, it might not be the way I do it, but it gets the job done.

I’d rather face an actual horde rather than 10 bullet sponge elite drones or elite drones who snipe across the map.

I’m speaking in current terms of Gears 5 balance, I hate lethal 5 times as much as giving the enemies more health because you can overcome them surviving more easier than dealing with an enemy that is going to shoot you down in 5 seconds even when you have over 90% of damage resistance.

Of course I would rather take a creative approach to difficulty than just giving them more damage, health and accuracy while the AI is as dumb as a rock and tracks you through walls perfectly while there is nothing to provide visibility or other means of detection and you’re not making noise.

You could make a decent case for any of the modifiers if I’m honest, its more down to personal preference as to which one people prefer to take off. Even in this thread I’ve seen 4 different cases from 4 different players who know what they are talking about.

I vastly prefer how it is now though compared to launch. There still is BS but there is no where near as much as there used to be. People can make it more difficult for themselves if they wish to, and completions is much more down to how good the team is rather than hoping the Guardian doesn’t fly over (although I’m still frightened of Guardians flying over and wiping us in a second, but that doesn’t happen nearly as much as it used to).

Here’s to hoping that Gears 6 is much better with difficulty.

The people who say PvE is too easy are typically the same people who think PvP takes skill… These are the people who run right up to you with a gnasher, start wallbouncing as if that’s anything more than a noob move at best (and also extremely hilarious when they’re doing it seriously), and took advantage of two-piecing back in the day because they sucked at every other weapon. These are the same people who call themselves “pros”, the same people who are literally the defining reason as to why Gears is regularly referred to as ‘the most toxic gaming community’ and a big reason why 5 has such a small player count. They will probably also brag about destroying teams when 5’s netcode has been a huge issue since day one and everyone knows the games boil down to sheer luck whether the servers like you that day or not.

Now, PvP does take a bit of “skill”, if you want to call it that, but no more than any other game mode. People are far more predictable than an A.I., and when everything is balanced/working as intended, any average player can turn the tables if they’re paying attention. Remove the gnasher and power weapons, and watch as these tryhards fall apart and see the PvE focused players wreck them.


Most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard, the vast majority of players don’t play both from what I’ve seen, most just stick the the modes/experiences they enjoy (as they have the right to don’t get me wrong)

As a great PvE and PvP player I’ll tell you that the skillgap on either is pretty high (if it were so easy I’d see a lot more challengers lol)

In PvP I think what is the most difficult for people is for them to actually understand how to play, being able to wallbounce isn’t too special but understanding how the map flows, how to support team, and etc. is challenging for most players.

In PvE the skillgap comes from understanding each class, things like synergies, and just generally being prepared for what’s to come.

If you are amazing at either it probably carries over to all aspects of the game, if you are an amazing PvE player I highly doubt you can’t find any success in PvP and vice versa.

As a strictly PvE only player my first time playing PvP was the luck of the draw event just to get the skin. I’d say that’s where most of my challenges were. Fragging wasn’t really an issue for me but getting into the right position and understanding the flow of the game in order to frag effectively was my weakness, especially on maps you dont see in PvE as often

Make a step up from master. Grandmaster.

I said the same thing about locust horde in Gears 4 and it never happened. They even had models for wretches and boomers in the prologue and still never made it into horde somehow. I’ve learned that nothing is ever 100% with TC.

Did you play Hivebuster DLC? They retconned Gears 3 events, no reason they would have done that if they weren’t going to bring Locust back.

Now that does not mean Savage/Lambent are coming back, it does not mean that Locust are going to look the same (I expect them to be reskinned, as they were in Gears 5 for example) but I would bet the bank they’ll bring them back in Gears 6.

Another reason is that if you look at their work they clearly have done lots of stuff already for Locust, most recent being Tactics so they have tons of models/textures already done. The real reason they didn’t bring the Locust back already is that they needed to set a precedent for it. It would break immersion/be odd if you just saw Locust after Gears 3 with no kind of context or lore, Hivebusters gave them a loophole basically and they will definitely bring them back.

Edit: Another possibility is a spin-off, with Lahni being main protagonist, however that is some serious speculation/guesswork.


Id love a dlc or a spinoff of Lahni being in the Brash Brigade, seeing a post gears 3 world before 4 would be neat to see.

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I would expect them to release a book before an actual DLC of it, if it were an actual game then it would probably have no MP right? Now I would probably enjoy it more than the actual Gears 5 story, but its of an odd choice for a game, even a spinoff.

Thats why I said dlc, a campaign dlc would be better imo. Id like to learn a bit about Keegan too and his role in protecting Azura, Im sure being the only Onyx guard to survive Azura is a hard pill to swallow.

I hope from hivebusters that TC knows that we like campaign dlc. I actually like them now due to the dlc, there are so many stories they can tell and the amount of lore theyve been passed down is insane. cough cough 14 years before gears 1.

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