There are more easter eggs?

There are several people who like to turn the game around looking for little secrets, but lately the search for new secrets has become very difficult. There are 2 launch maps which we do not know anything, nor indications, the only one which has accidentally been found is the maneuvering fields map, however, there is no indication of the Vasgar map and the new gears 5 maps. we only need the clear and precise answer, leaving aside room for maneuvers. Is there an easter egg to find on the maps?

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The one on Pahanu was canceled I read somewhere.

Which one is the second launch map you’re referring to btw.? Asylum has one (two theoretically), Bunker has one, District has one, Exhibit has one, Icebound has one (just recently discovered), Training Grounds has one (exact steps to reproduce it just aren’t publicly known, only hints). Really only leaves Vasgar.

Good ol Dana telling us there’s one on there not knowing it was canceled despite being the (now ex) communications guy.


I’m pretty sure developers always opt to never talk about secrets like this and trying to get someone to confirm it goes against the entire point of an “easter egg”

some go on for years or decades with not a peep from the creators and eventually get found.

darn you shouldve said “dirty little secrets”

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Easter Eggs or secret area’s?

If you’re refering to District, that secret area there is an easter egg imo.

And it can burn in hell.


Yea well, it’s definitely not that beneficial for regular Horde runs…

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For some teams it just doesn’t work. And I’d rather be near the taps.

I believe there is more secret areas? Maybe on other maps like regency or nexus and river :thinking:

Tomb does have a small easter egg

yee, the gears 1 death sound plays near the tomb of the unknown gear.

I wouldve loved it though if tomb played the tracks for the tomb section like “entering the tombs” and “tomb of the unknowns”

It does? Tell me your secrets! I honestly haven’t played much on Tomb so I know nothing about it.

What this second egg on Asylum? I only know of the Cole train. I remember someone bringing it the possibility of a second one but the search for it was either abandoned or the player found it and stayed silent.

Any way TELL ME! I need to know.

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Here you go :wink:

The map have 3 sounds in diferents areas.

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Yeah its a pretty neat map… even has ghostly whispers I’ve been told…

There’s something about Marcus and Kait on the map somewhere and a few monitors showing people walk around, but that’s about it.