There are like, no JD skins in this game and its dumb

I’m not one for cosmetics. I’ve used practically the same weapon skins since 5 released and rarely deviate from a couple of character skins I like to use. However, the severe lack of JD skins in this game is abysmal. He doesn’t even have a crappy CS skin, let alone a BS one (which was my favorite skin in Gow4).
Will anything change about this? No. Still annoying though.


Sarah Conner, Grace, Emile, Kat, and the new day would like to have a word with you.

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Maybe it’s TCs way of saying……they chose Del.


Isn’t Del kinda similar to JD speaking about skins? Like Winter, Desert, Military, Gears 4 variant, Hivebuster.

If anything, JD at least has a Golden/Road to Gears 5 variant :smirk:and “Scarred” skin. JD alive confirmed :stuck_out_tongue:


Del never got a Gilded skin (nor a CS or BS one). From memory I think JD might even have one more skin than Del does.

So, he’s run his course? On to Del.

For the record I chose to save Del by accident.

Still need to play through and save JD.

Oscar has 1, I know he had too many (ridiculous ones) in Gears 4, but to drop to 1 is a significant drop.

Yeah. As much as I dislike Oscar as a character, it would have been nice to have a younger version of Oscar in COG armour or something - to go with Gabe given they’re brothers.



Maybe Oscar was more sexier than Major Paduk!? :sweat_smile:

He’ll have more in Gears 6 since he’ll be the main character.

But is he officially the one who will be alive in Gears 6!? :thinking:

JD is much more interesting than “generic smart tech guy Del”.

I see TC doing 1 of 2 things for Gears 6 :

Making Del and JD very generic. So much so that they can be interchanged in the campaign so players can choose who they saved in 5 in their Gears 6 campaign. (This is a very bad idea)

They build Gears 6 based on who the majority of the community saved. (Good idea)

But in the end, the choice should’ve never been a thing. TC should’ve chose one themselves and had Reyna kill them.


They should sell two different Gears 6 based on who you saved :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I really hope they don’t do any kind of interchangeable campaign stuff based on who you saved. Itll just make both characters super bland.

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Or: In Gears 6, it will be revealed that both JD and Del are alive and fine (JD is still bald and scarred)… Kait is dead…

Regarding Del and JD, they’ll do a Telltale Games and the one you saved dies in the opening cutscene in the most ridiculous way possible. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Still hooked up at New Hope.

Rest of the game was a dream.

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I’ll never understand the hate Kait gets lol

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Because she thinks that everything is about herself!? :thinking:

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