There are 2 different Beast Riders in Gears a Grenadier & a Drone version

Gears 2 the 1st ever Beast Rider is a ( Grenadier )

In Gears 3 Gears J Gears UE Gears 4 Gears 5 is a ( Drone )

Also Gears 2 Skorge multiplayer version has no armor of his legs

& Gears 3 Gold Miner has 2 shoulder pads
& Gears UE Gold Miner only has 1 shoulder pad

2 shoulder pads are better than one. Og miner is the best miner.


There’s also an Elite version, it’s probably my favorite look for him. Shame it’s never been playable.


Also, I like to imagine the armorless Skorge is his lower rank appearance, before he made a bigger name for himself with RAAM.
But yeah, I believe Kantus is also the rank name, as well as their species type or whatever.
So, I think they only have two ranks: Kantus (priest) & Ketor (high priest). Which means that skin would probably be called “Kantus Skorge” or something, idk.

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I’m pretty sure the main reason why the multiplayer version model of Skorge was like that was because Epic games had an issue with the campaign model being adjusted so they had to remove most of his his armor.

Agreed, now if only he could have arm gauntlets on both arms to go with his look then he would look like a complete bad*** :sunglasses:

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Speaking of Skorge, just glad I finally have a 2nd skin for him for the 1st time (slackin ■■■ unlocked the Crimson a couple nights ago). Granted I only played 2 games MP wise, but I only ever had 1 skin for him on 4 lol only had 2 on 4… I actually remember buying 5 of the Black Steel packs he was in, specifically trying to get him cause I didn’t even have regular Skorge yet at the time… but nope, got 3 Myraashs and 2 Hoffmans out of those 5 packs.

Yep. If they ever add the miner, I hope they give him 2 shoulder pads, arm gauntlets on both arms, and gloves like the bolter. I’m fine with the og look, but I wish they’d make a swarm/locust character with armor, helmet, gloves, shoulder pads, and gauntlets. Miner just has the coolest shoulder pads.

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Theres a Savage Swarm Sniper in Gears 3 that was never playable and am very sad to see that it has never been playable.

I think I might like this version of the beast rider over the drone variant. And the beast rider is a top 3 locust skin for me.

So would you prefer the Gears 3 version of the miner or would you prefer TC to take the miner and give it an updated look?

I think more drones need an update to their attire. I like that the cyclops has a special shoulder pad along side its neat helmet. I think the sniper needs an updated look too, maybe some sniper bullets on his arm? Like Jun from Halo Reach?

Gears 3 version. Maybe create a swarm character inspired by the miner, with all the accessories listed above, and the miner’s shoulder pads. Never gonna happen for gears 5 though, unless they ever plan on adding things, after op 8.

The store is still going to have characters dropping like during drop 2 and during op 8s drop 1 and 2. So we will get the commandos and tak, and then mikayla, and whatever other new characters they decide to add back

It would be nice to see a couple new swarm skins that arent a desert or winter themed skin.

At least the desert skins for the swarm look cool on the swarm especially on the sniper, grenadier and even the Scion.

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