Theory: Gears 6 will not feature traditional arena multiplayer

After the endless back and forth tuning changes in gears 4 and 5, I don’t see how The Coalition will want to engage in that game again.

There’s no way they put themselves through the seemingly impossible task of tuning gears of war once again, not after two development and post-release cycles with 4 and 5. Take note that all of this included delays, speed boosts, movement, pellet marker, chunk ranges, flashbang/smoke, weapon damages, active reloads, etc + altering the most popular game modes - TDM, Guardian, Koth - and even changing the game to 4v4. Also, many problems with a proper ranking system, and if I remember correctly, so much that it even made them remove guardian because they couldn’t figure out how to reward the leaders in that game mode.

The “flagship” game mode of Escalation also went through several changes from Gears 4 to 5, with the final result having it appear only once in a best of 5 esports series (control, exe, esca, control, exe).

I’m thinking they go the Gears Judgment Overrun route, where you select a class/character type and play a cookie-cutter role on a team. We already have seen this in Gears with Overrun, Escape, Horde, and even the abilities in guardian for the leader. For better or worse, this would allow them to expand on characters, abilities, weapons and the whole COG vs Locust/Swarm dynamic.

Gears Judgment was different so they reverted to traditional with Gears 4, which was basically Gears 3 remastered. Halo 5 was different so 343 went back to the traditional gameplay with Infinite. We’ve seen the same with COD BOTG vs jetpacks.

They must be thinking, if they can’t seem to get it right and/or please the community, their best option is to go a different direction. And, of course, remember the significant changes in the studio and the new engine - they’re gonna want fresh ideas that push the new limits - not the same game modes on the same maps that we’ve had for 16 years, which would be around 20 years when gears 6 releases.

You tell your mom that she always brings the same things from the grocery store and next time she will change it all up. Where are the Cheetos Puffs, mom?

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Gears 6 will have:
2/3 player campaign
… At the very least


It (Gears) started as 4v4.

I think the most egregious ways they’ve displeased anyone is in the ways that they tried to change things. Escalation, Escape, Campaign, Gears 5’s original Horde classes. All different and all the most hated on things. RB on the chainsaw.

A massive change in leadership and an upgrade i the Engine would suggest something more basic, true to form, like you said with Judgement veering so far off that then ended up making Gears 3.5 in Gears 4.

I don’t know how you take an example of the game changing and use it as the basis of a theory that it’ll change in the opposite direction. Not to bash on it but I don’t see Gears 6 changing in any major wild ways as Halo. Also 343 is an entirely different studio… they do things different.
CDPR messed up royally with Cyberpunk’s launch… but they’re still doubling down and promising a sequel.

Different people do different things. It’s way too early, considering we haven’t even seen a teaser for anything Gears (and probably won’t until mid-late 2023 or later), I think it’s a stretch to think that Gears 6 will go off on some random divergent path rather than attempting to return to form. If anything I’d expect them to take off from where 5 is because besides the Campaign it’s pretty solid game-wise. I know lots of people take 5’s PvE as the best in series. PvP is a complicated topic but it doesn’t come down to the changes being poor.


People begged for River. They’ll beg for Gridlock. And if it’s not present they’ll beg for Checkout and Blood Drive too. Of course not all of them but people like their things. Nuketown is still around after a decade. I’m surprised Gears as a series has held on this long. But as long as there’s Gears, people will want in at least some form–their favorite (if even repetitive) parts from old games to remain intact.

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There’s no way they ditch traditional arena multiplayer. They have a better chance of not releasing the game than they do releasing the game without it.



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the title is ■■■■■■■■. Gears 5 has already changed quite a bit compared to 4, modes, gameplay, PVP PVE I think it will continue with Gears 6 and stay true to its origins.

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Escalation died because it was not well received at all. Matches went on too long, and from a viewer’s perspective, it was confusing and out right boring to watch. Escalation was a good idea, but it didn’t work out in 4, and sure as hell didn’t make a comeback in Gears 5. If we see Escalation 3.0 in Gears 6, I’ll be surprised.

The state of Gears 5 and all the changes Gears 4/5 went through was TC’s doing though. Gears 1-3 had minor tuning changes that majorly affected the game (aside from TU6 in Gears 2). TC shot themselves in the foot right out of the gate with separating 2 entirely different tunings in the Gears 4 to split the community. Then in Gears 5, they tried to merge them into 1, and find a new balance from the monster they created (comp/core in Gears 4), which consisted of flipping multiple switches on and off through all of Gears 5’s life span. Gears 5 never felt complete. Each Operation they made many changes to mechanics and weapons to see if it worked or not. I’m not going to sit here and say TC doesn’t have what it takes to make a good game, I’m sure they do, but Gears 5 was proof they have no clue what it takes to make Gears of War.


Just need Blitz & BR.

I agree with OP’s thesis.

Gears will change. It kinda has to.

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Based on what?

Judgement changed Gears. Went back to normal.

5 changed Gears. People hate it.

Why would changing 6 further from the formula do anything?

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It’ll change because its a dead game. Its so dead they had to remove a feature (custom hives) to save money and they gave up even trying to get money from boost, or releasing skins. Its so dead it doesnt have e sports anymore and there are no brand ambassadors or content creators getting any real views from playing the game.

It comes down to this simple supposition:

Put yourself in a decision making role at TC, and ask yourself this question? What’s going to make more money…making a game thats the same as gears 4 or gears 5, or changing the game in some major way, at the least to emulate aspects of other successful franchises?

You’re going to choose the later because you can’t support the former.

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It wasn’t a live service game. Every Gears game stopped releasing content after about a year or two. I wouldn’t say “dead” like other games that get shut down.


Gears 4 did this with Esports. The biggest flaw a lot of people point to with 5 is the game’s attempt to become more “casual” or mainstream. Games like For Honor live for 5+ years because they have a unique style of gameplay that you can’t find anywhere else. That’s why you’ll still find MP games in Gears 2, 3 and 4.

Becoming a “trying to please everyone” type game won’t do anything but saturate Gears into an over-saturated market while it gets drowned out by other heavy-hitter titles, while dulling the more hardcore experience that old time fans show up for.

I agree some changes could be made towards classes, melee, weapon systems, cover, etc. But that’s changing the Gears system. Which is a lot different than to make Gears “more mainstream,” or to try and emulate other games ten times the size.

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Thank you, so much.

I wasn’t going to reply because I knew you’d cover what I’d say to this man’s act of heresy. But I have to show gratitude for this as I was physically shaking.


It was the flagship mode of that game from beginning to end, for better or worse. It changed dramatically in 5 to the point it was nearly phased out. Myself and many others never liked it.

That’s part of my reasoning. If they can’t seem to get it right and/or please the community then they will change it up.

If trying the same ol modes, weapons, and maps didn’t work, they will surely try something completely different. If Gears 6 releases 2024, that is 5 years after Gears 5. I just don’t see them chasing the “perfect gears of war game” once again. They’ll make what they think is an appropriate game for its release window.

Due to the decreasing population, they also took out the ranking system, game modes, and made the game 4v4. koth 5v5 matches took too long, less players in queue, so they removed it for control 4v4 (which is fine but they couldnt afford to also have the most popular game mode along with it), shorter games, 8 players instead of 10, more people back in the queue.

We must also look at how Halo Infinite was received. By the looks of it, solid arena pvp gameplay is not enough. Gotta do more. It’s a dying breed. Everyone said Halo Infinite would struggle without a BR and it looks like they were right + a BR is rumored to release after all. The next big Microsoft multiplayer will do the same thing? No way.

Remember, gears 5 came out 2019 because Infinite was supposed to release 2020. Pandemic. Infinite pushed to 2021. Gears 5 came out early for little to no reason. It may sound like a reach but Infinite aiming for that “fan service” + what TC tried with 4 and 5, will likely make them change gears 6.

Yes, it did have some changes but it was mostly the same thing. I remember that was everyone’s reaction to the initial gameplay release. What we complain about such as delays, flashbangs, omen, etc is way too hardcore for the base audience. For them, it was the same thing more less.

I want arena pvp, it’s my favorite, but i just don’t think we are ever going to get that dream gears game with all of our favorite maps, modes, and weapons. Wasn’t that supposed to be gears 4? Oh, wait, Gears 5? No, surely Gears 6.

Look, TC tried in their own way to give us what we want and it failed. They aren’t doing it again. Maybe they will have a limited arena pvp but it will not be the main mp focus.

I’m guessing they will have Versus, Horde and some gimmick mode (think Beast from 3, Overrun from J and Escape from 5)
They will probably try some changes depending on how much of a risk they want to take.

and that mode will take lots of resources and overshadow the regular mp, similar to warzone and traditional cod mp. i dont see them tuning gnasher chunk range, lancer damage and all that little stuff again and again and again. That stuff won’t even be at the core of the new gimmick mode so they wont be tuning two multiplayers at once.

I really think it will be a blend of overrun and escape. one character spawns with a sawed off another with a longshot + abilities and so on.

Time will tell. I truly hope they go this route but i doubt it:

That is an extremely superficial view completely ignoring the lack of content, egregious monetization and bad progression system in Infinite along with horribly slow post launch support and delays. As well as broken promises(splitscreen coop anyone).

Claiming that a BR would instantly save Infinite is not true. Certainly not on its own when other core issues still persist.

yeah, those are definitely factors too, greater ones. my point isn’t why or how infinite failed, my point is relating it to gears to predict TC’s next move.

im just more so looking at it from the arena gameplay not being enough. it’s good but there’s still a need for more. do we think that tc could do better than 343 when it comes to all the content? i just dont see TC going down the same path.

i personally dont care for BR but that was always hanging over infinite and if it does come out, it will give the game a massive resurgence. before the game even came out, people were saying the population was going to drop severely and it did. of course, the other problems cannot be ignored.

if there’s going to be trouble delivering content, is it better to go traditional mp or blow it up? i think a stale halo br would be more popular than what they have now.

343, a bigger studio with a bigger game on their hands, could not deliver so i dont think TC will try to.

The idea that TC have the ability to create a new gimmick mode that won’t completely die within the release month itself is asinine. The best thing that TC could ever do is copy other games with better systems(ranking, progression, customization) and better gamemodes(a br) while leaving the core gameplay mechanics alone. It literally does not matter if you change the tuning — all the TC launch tunings were playable.

It’s mostly horde players, and you just want a better horde or a versus horde(overrun) — this has no more appeal than going to play traditional versus — it arguably has less appeal than that because more people play versus than horde. This is the same energy as the disconnected competitive player who thinks the game would sell a billion copies if you could slide to walls from half a meter further away, if the lancer did 10% less damage and if we removed aim assist.

how about the ability to give us traditional mp? are we viewing gears 4 and 5 as a success?

i hope they give us everything we’ve ever wanted and more but i dont see them using the same formula again.

i think for us, the core community, we know what we want for the most part and we’d be happier with more of the same. I just don’t think many people out there, including TC, value traditional arena pvp as much as we do.

If they change it up completely, which I think they will, is it going to be a hit? I don’t think so.