Theories for how the New Class System is going to work?

You never know maybe they’ll do it and it will be a surprise lol☺️

I’m keeping my expectations low as is man :rofl:

I do miss these days, for these stated reasons.

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Its bad in a way that we have to have low expectations about what might be coming but they never seem to exceed our expectations about new content :joy:

Key to this working is to make sure it is really easy to tell what classes everyone is in the lobby. A tiny blurry black and white symbol isnt good enough. It was hard enough in G4 when there were only 4 or 5 classes but now we have about 15 or so, trying to remember what all those crummy small symbols mean will be a nightmare.

I would also like to be able to see what cards and card levels every player has but I almost guarantee they will never create this feature.

Lastly, if the nerf characters just to allow duplicates, I will be furious. I only play as Kait/Infiltrator so if she gets nerfed in any way at all, I am probably done with the game. Even without nerfs, this idea is stupid. You don’t need more than one Kait running around with cloak, executing drones. That is my job. And mine alone.

But let’s see. TC have hopefully - surely - thought about all this before deciding to change it so fundamentally.

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