Theories for how the New Class System is going to work?

I think It will be like Gears 4 a little bit

If you choose the character skin lets say “ Winter Kait”

Class you choose “Sniper”

But what cards will you be able to select from? Thats the part i do not get :face_with_monocle:

In Gears 4 there are specific cards to the class you chose? In this situation if you have your Fahz from before all cards level 6.

Will his cards be available to select in the Sniper Class ?

If so how are they going to separate the level you got a specific character to into the class system?

If you got Kait to Lvl 18, yes there are levels in G4 but only levels for classes not the skins.

Lvl 18 for a character i would think should be irrelevant because character does not matter it is the class.

I think they could either reset the character levels you have progressed to but keep the levelled up skill cards.

OR lets say you have lizzie lvl 12, Marcus 9, Clayton 18 for a Heavy they could combine all the levels and summarise them to one level so e.g combined its level 11 for a heavy class based on the character levels you had got to for your all Heavies. So if all your heavies was 18 it would just be 18.

Really unsure how they are going to manage to keep peoples character progression with them separating the class from the character or everything is going to be reset apart from skill cards lol :joy:

They did change everyones scrap to them coins and we all had to just deal with it. Would not be alarmed if they said you have to level up your classes again to 20

Take everyone’s name in the game right now and replace it with a generic class name. For example, we know that Lizzie’s skills are going to be the “Pilot” skill class. So you can play as Kait with the “Pilot” class, which is just the skills that used to be Lizzie’s only.

Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is still a “No Duplicates” restriction, where it is only one class per match. So no “all Pilots” or “all Sniper” matches.

See Gears of War 4, only each character has their own XP bar too…

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It was already mentioned just before Op 4 launch TC were playing with the idea of class duplicates but “rebalancing” them to account for 5 of them being possible in the same match.

Needless to say, if it involves mass nerfings while we still get the same ridiculous enemies, I won’t be a fan.


Oh really, well thats a good sign :slight_smile:

It’s already been confirmed.

The classes are just the characters as they are right now.

The only change is that we can change the character aesthetically. So we can play as Fahz but use Marcus’ skillset. We can play as Kait but use Del’s skillset. We can play as COG Gear and use Lizzie’s skillset.

We won’t be able to mix say, Support skills across different characters/classes; or Tanks; or Offensive etc.

Some of the new class names have been revealed already through updated loading screens.

Paduk becomes the Nomad.

Fahz becomes the Marksman.

JD becomes Demolitions.

Kait becomes the Infiltrator.

Lizzie becomes The Pilot.

Lahni becomes the Blademaster.


Sounds interesting.

How do you reckon it would work in the lobby then.

You pick Fahz as a Pilot for example and you have what would used to be Lizzie skill cards ?

@Lambent_Lail I hope they do not make it so you have to have one of each class or will not allow 2 of the same class or something like that.

I also hope we can scrap duplicate cards either that or Level 7 cards lol :joy::joy:

No… god no…

Pretty sure scraping has been confirmed as well.

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Dunno. I think they’ll just have some sort of symbol or emblem for each class just like in GOW4, although there’d be quite a few more emblems to remember. Maybe they could just use their ultimate ability symbols? They’re all unique so that would make sense.

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I know it would be like 30 duplicates this time :joy::joy: if they did it to 7.

I bet they would be like “ It was going to take us months to create a system for duplicates, we are working on it. So instead you can now level up your cards to 7 and duplicates will be coming in time (eventually) “

According to Reddit, Emile, Kat, Sarah and Grace won’t be separated and remain character-class locked.

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I could understand that with them being promotional but a bit odd to leave them out when everything else is changing.

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Jack isn’t changing though.

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That also makes sense :joy: be weird seeing a Del going round zapping things :joy:

I also wondered if you chose what ever class Cole is in would you get his unique punch/stun and tackle :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:

They need to do something to Jack I have found no one really wants him in lobbies anymore. Only ever used for the Forge he needs more uses, maybe give him a few things from the campaign. They lowered the amount of power he gets from the forge so people would not always use him for that and i dont think that worked.

They did mention it a bit in the streams before Op4 about trying to make Jack more useful. They kept doing things to the Power Tap so people would use them more and i think it did work. But they did say it would take 2 seconds to capture it either that or to take the power.

It is fast to collect the power but not fast enough to capture. It should be like King of the Hill more people in the circle the faster its captured.

There’s no reason they shouldn’t. It could be nice to try Firestarter Ben with Cole’s class, although Play With Fire build is terrible on Master, and probably more viable for Incon with More Health off. Or Thrashball Kait tackling.

I wouldn’t mind Jack having more Hijack-related cards.

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Anything to make Jack more useful.

Shock trap could be good, have a cooldown on it like in campaign only drop one a time and a decent cooldown so its not exploited or even flash would be good with freeze maybe starting off its only does a bit of freeze damage like fahzscard or lizzies card and as its leveled up does a bit more freeze damage.

Just to make him more useful as jack like he is in the campaign and not just a forger

We have less than a week left now till Op5

Unless they delay it again as usual

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Im sure this has been said many times before on these forums but Im convinced that all of this complication hurts the experience more than helps it. On the surface all of this may sound fun but in my time returning to horde recently, Ive found that all these classes and abilities funnel gameplay, so like everyone has to fill a role and stick to that role over and over and over, round after round - and it quickly becomes boring.

Even worse after reading a lot of comments on horde, there seems to be a lot of toxicity against people who arent optimized to play specific roles, and against people who dont choose the right role pre match, resulting in quitting and trolling and whatever else.

Horde 1.0 was just you, the map, and your teammates. Everyone was equal, and no one had to worry about being excluded for being too low a level or not using their class properly. It wasnt the engineers shooting gallery that it has become. No one cared who you picked pre-match, and no one quit because of it, or having your character or class force swapped because of some no-duplicate nonsense.

After reading all of this, I feel like Ive missed the boat, like I should have been grinding some character the whole time to get cards and abilities and whatever else. I played a few matches and felt like turrets were the only thing really required to play this anyway.

Not a fan.

as long as i can be a sniper and be MLG instead of being worthless because of how weak the sniper is then ill be happy with it

I totally agree with this, people get stuck in there ways. Just like when people say “need jd” or “only kait, del and jack”

Do you mean with this for e.g people wanting to play as kait but the host kicking because she doesnt have bleed card equip or not using a overkill and using heavy weapons instead not doing the norm? people getting pissed because the players arent doing what they want them to do?

I think everyone should play how they want to play and not to be forced like you say to switch characters just because someone else is that character. I normally play local coop on Gears 3 Horde just because its fun none of this cards and abilities just basic, there are fortifications but there not the best lol

RIP my hopes and dreams of using Emile or Sarah with an actual viable class.