Theloend response to you on my shut down thread

I know this is not the way to do this but they closed my thread to keep the discussion in the main ranking thread but i wanted to reply to @TheLoEnd first
I was not on the team that won the game with 4 caps and 2 breaks so please dont say im one of those players ill post the screenshots again to show you and this time try to make more sense…

Dont know if you noticed but my gamertag is michael163 and i was the one carrying the swarm team. And yes i will roast my teamates because look at their stats.

I would contact him privately but idk how

You should be able to message him.

I tried going into his profile and finding the message let me look again

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This is calling out players by name via images, get over yourself…

If you read my first post you would understand the context better. The goal wasnt to insult anybody it was to show that i was getting extremely terrible players in ranked when i was diamond (or maybe onyx 3 at that point) i was carrying the team and i had to lose points because this system put me with what im assuming are bronze players. I have nothing against these types of players not everyone has to be good at the game i just am angry that im getting paired up with them thats all… and also this guy called me out for not playing the game properly when i wasnt even the gt he was referring to so im trying to set things straight and i would rather do it in private…

And mods if you see this please explain to me how i can pm someone on here

Ah a ranking problem to talk about?
Well we got this forum thread created by @GhostofDelta2 that could be just for you instead of having it here Gears 5 Main Ranking Thread or use the search button.

Also to PM I believe just go to their account and there will be a message option somewhere.

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So i realized that everyone else’s account there is a lj option to message when i clicked on it but not his. Could it be he blocked me or something?

From what I understand is you made a new thread to reply to someone that left a reply on a different thread of yours that was shut down? If so this is a bit Petty but I respect the dedication

These picks show my experience with this game. The higher the ping the more the advantage. My ping was always low on my account. Would have people with 90+ ping eat shots and dominate. My brother-in-law got gamepass and tried Gears. On his account and connection I wascarrying teams. But his connection sucks and his ping was always 90+ while others in the lobby were 20s and 30s. Amazing how much that helps.

Ya pretty much but like i said it may seem petty but i was in middle of a discussion would do this in private if i could…

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