Their should be a 2 person party limit in Ranked. Or a separate "Stacks" division

If you solo que, then the title of this topic says it all. Allowing 4 or 5 stacks in a ranked division that is about ranking individual play is pretty unfair. And is usually my #1 roadblock to ranking up as a solo player.
2 people parties should be the max allowed, or their should be a completely separate division for “stacks” and then one for all solo. Rocket League has this. League of Legends doesn’t allow more than 2 people parties. Nothing wrong with playing with friends. It just needs to be done a different way.

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Cuz I think you’ll get alot of argument to this

I could argue it’s a ranked division that is all about ranking team play

To answer tho, player count, it’s always player count

Hit triple figures an we’ll talk :rofl::rofl:

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Its a team game so no.

The biggest issue with people playing solo isnt going up against stacks. Its the lack of communication. No one talks in game anymore. People either need to communicate with randoms or find people to play with


My question is why is this coming up so often now? Ranked has had mostly lopsided games as long as i can remember. I don’t think the party size is the root of the problem though. For one thing they can consolidate playlists and abolish ranked since the player base might not be that strong. You can still have a ranking system but clearly to me at least this thing we call ranked hasn’t worked out well at all.

Then ya’ll will start complaining about queue times…

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Gears is a team based game that has 5 players per side. The object is winning. If you can’t win…stay outta ranked. Or git gud as the kids say. I don’t even play ranked and this offends me to no end.

No. Seriously? No. Removing stacked teams? Kek.


The problem with doing this, is the population is low compared to other games like Rocket League.

No it’s a team game. There’s no reason 5 stacks shouldn’t be allowed, even though it’s annoying to go against sometimes.


you right my dude.

False. Two stacks are the maximum in a ranked lobby.


The player base isn’t big enough for that kind of implementation. I agree with you, as a solo player myself most of the time and occasionally with a friend we will play ranked against multiple 3 stacks and or 2 sets of 2 stacks while my team consists of solos. It’s unfair but what can you do.

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As a solo player myself any time I play ranked solo I know what I’m getting myself into. It’s hard being a solo player in gears. It’s the quitters who bother me not the losing.

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Probably is coming up more often because the skill gap in gears 5 is minimal by design, therefore it’s much more difficult to make a difference by yourself.

I don’t recall seeing multiple threads per day pre op 4 about stacked teams though. It’s not like this is a new phenomenon.

Find some friends and get a team and stop complaining for nonsense things

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If its not about individual play, then everyone should get a composite score to the average of everyone on the team. 1 score that is the same for every player. The average of all 5. If you dont think that is the right way to do it, then dont bs me on ranked being “team based”. Nothing wrong with playing Gears “with friends”. Just not stacking 4 or 5 players on a “ranked mode”. That is nonsense.

Would make little difference and in some cases its worst.

I don’t know how many playlists there are right now, but too many causes problems and are just not needed.

It dilutes the playlists.

New plan

Solo only for ranked games

Ranking system reworked again to reward good solo play and personal score

All team play with friends happens in SOCIAL (makes sence right it’s a place to socialise)

EVERYONE seems to be complaining about ranking not reflecting their personal performance, keep it SOLELY that then

Groups of ppl shouldn’t be working together to lvl up personal ranks anyway, makes no sence

Many high rankers were carried up by a good group,

Shouldn’t be any high onyx/diamond support players anyhow

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How about solo players just play quickplay?

I mean its a team game. If you dont have a team then you should only play quickplay