The ?xp coming up

I’m curious to know if the ?xp coming up is for all game modes or just the special event and Monster Mash.

Just the special event and the monster mash I believe buddy :+1:t3:

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  • Earn 3XP in Halloween playlists with an even bigger global bonus next week

XP Bonuses

Monster Mash and Pumpkin Ball will both offer up 3x XP until October 26th. Why October 26th? Because, beginning next Friday, we’re turning on our biggest XP bonus ever for one whole week globally across Gears 4. We’ll drop the number next week in What’s Up.

Globally means across all game modes.


I don’t think the new XP event tomorrow will bring me back to Gears. Might not even try for the new achievements either because some will need time put into them and with RDR 2 out tonight and playing AC Odyssey, I have no time for Gears anymore

Haven’t posted on here for weeks, haven’t touched gears for at least 3 weeks. So just been reading new posts every few days
But seen your gt and couldn’t resist a welcome to the forums :+1:

I think that TC is trying to convince the players to return to the franchise because many have left since there were no new packs.

Maybe if they did like a 50x xp then I would come back for a game or two but I don’t think anything will bring me back now.