The wrong place to be spawned in to the match I'm not the only one notices this am I?

If there’s any thing I wish to change on gow4 is the respawn in places on some cor match I mean half the time I spawn in with two enemy’s spawned in same place or behind me that kills me straight way … Sort it out you know you can !!


You got spawn protection.
You can’t get killed from behind instantly unless you check your six o’ clock.
I’ve had it rarely happen, but I always knew the enemy was near me in the same spawn.


Anytimes, more than i like. If you see the enemys born with you its ok. If you dont see… shot in your back

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I know what your saying but it’s not fair when its multiple enemy’s and it feels like there spawn protection didn’t run out and you a hardly see your own lol keep playing the game your get used to the game in some way piss you off :tired_face:

In KOTH, I sometimes spawn IN the hill. Other times, I spawn in the same place and at the same time as enemies. How hard could this possibly be to fix??