The Wrap Shot Is Broken

how are we supposed to tell whats happening when your gif is running at 5fps ?

Top to bottom.
Clip 1: good head shot,
Clip 2: Obvious lag but if reflame pulls the trigger he gets the kill.
Clip 3: Not even a back A. It’s just a well timed blind fire. Can’t really tell if there is a lag issue or not.
Clip 4: Are you complaining about being bricked when you tried to push at first or that you got a gib when he pushed? He was in a good position when you pushed. You got the gib when he pushed because he was exposed. You didn’t really bend your shot. The shot came from the barrel of the gun and even though you’re character wasn’t completely in a left handed stance you shot the gun left handed which allowed you to get your shot around cover. If the shot was fired from a standstill off the cover it would of been a right handed shot and would of hit cove. If you were on the cover you wouldn’t of been able to shoot because of the clunky blind fire mechanic that doesn’t allow you to shoot around cover unless you are at the very edge of it. Good back A all in all.

Watching the 3rd clip again there is definitely a connection issue. He dies before a shot is ever fired by El-P.

More like BS headshot. How am I able to hold that corner so well defensively even though I’m red? His only option would be to sprint out wide to avoid it, but by that time I’d hardaim him down or circle to the other side of the truck. I knew 100% I’d kill him no matter how he pushed.

That “lag” you’re referring to happens on LAN too. It’s a game animation issue because the animation is so fast and broken that it doesn’t even look right. I’m actually the one that killed him in that clip so I’ll try to find the clip from my POV when I get home tonight. Edit didn’t have it from my own POV but my friend spectated me doing it.

It is a back A and it’s just like clip 2.

When I got the kill.

That’s kind of what I want. Something along those lines at least. For clip 4, I made a stupid play and should have been killed for it. But I just flung out a back A so fast that he had no time to even kill my while I was being a complete trashcan lmao. The clip doesn’t break physics or anything, but it just shows how it’s really a BS kill that I got in a situation where I surely should have died. He had right hand and all. And I can’t even blame him for being too slow to get the kill because the back A is just too fast.

I’m sure on his screen, the animation didn’t even happen. I probably just stood there on the wall and the shot came out of nothing.

if youve never tried these shots on a mouse and keyboard you’re in for a surprise they just dont work… ive been trying for a solid month in customs and onkly when i have 10-20 ping it sometimes works others ill get 10%/no pellet marks at all and my buddies spectating me say that shouldve gibbed and hit. more of the wrap shot and back a. please someone experience with doing these well explain step by step how to do it even if your joy stick is diagonal a little bit i need to know to translate it to Mouse and Keyboard. please help!

How tf do you convince people to watch you practice in a custom?

I’m kinda new to gears and I’m just reading up a and down a and like wtf they talking about

Lol. I thought we had a new damage omen but looking at the date that is Gears 4 footage.

Personally, I like it, I don’t use it but I respect those that have mastered it.

Lol if they’ve died in execution and are spectating me… lol or any other game mode ya know?

I love this Reaction shot mainly because people like you who hide behind the walls and wait … and wait…can actually get punished for doing so…

and why should they remove something that isn’t accessible without practice.

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IDK about the “isn’t accessible” part. Up-A’s/wraparounds are incredibly easy in Gears 5, and everyone I run into knows how to use them.

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you must’ve read Isn’t accessible and then stopped reading…

I mean they are already planning on nerfing up A’s as per their latest whats up. I dont see why these mechanics cant stay in the game. Its not like there is no way to counter them.

I will agree with u on tht. I got wrecked non stop last night.
But the worst is the guy didnt a dounle wrap around shot tht im still mind ■■■ on how exactly he did it.

Ill try and explain it.
The long box in the middle if foundation. He was running toward the north side (box on his left) i was on thee other side in the middle od the box long ways. He wrapped the shot around both corners and gibbed me. Now i wouldnt have a problem with tht but i wasnt on the edge ( corner) of the box i was in the middle closer to the other end.

I had no idea you could even wrap the shot tht much.

Hope tht made sense.

Aside from tht. I do like wrap around shots even though i need to practice then more. They only work sparingly for me

I read the past two whats up and i haven’t read anything on a UP-A nerf.

They are reducing the speed boost out of cover.

Movement Gameplay

** Remove speed boost after melee attack**

  • Only allow speed boost out of cover with sufficient incoming momentum
  • Future improvements – blog post in the works

Idk if thats a nerf… we’ll have to see more details about that in the future.

Yeah i dont think its going to be a game changer, but it might be harder to get around a wall before someone can shoot lol.

that kinda is a game changer if that happenes… lol

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